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The Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna for short) is one of the most traditional medical training and research institutions in Europe. It has approximately 8,000 students and is now the largest medical training institution in German-speaking countries.

What Challenges Did Medizinische Face?

Complex and costly IT architecture

Our college has always used traditional disk backup. This kind of backup method is not only slow, we can't use the computer during the backup process, but also the cost is high. This seriously affected the process of our research. We really can't afford the high cost.

Need a comprehensive backup solution

Our data center needs a flexible and comprehensive data protection solution. A backup solution integrating backup, recovery, restoration, and cloning. We also hope to try cloud backup, backing up data to a cloud disk. Provide multiple protections for data.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI centralized backup centrally manages the computers of each college, and data backup and recovery only need to be unified in the centralized console. And the speed of backup and recovery is fast. At the same time, the college only needs to spend money on the centralized console.
A flexible backup solution can often solve many problems. AOMEI's incremental and differential backups help the college reduce the time and space of backup. And supports data backup to cloud drives. Meets the needs of the Vienna Academy of Medicine.

The Benefits for Medizinische

  • Saved data backup time

    AOMEI's high-speed backup saves managers three hours of backup time.

  • Save at least $2,000 in costs per year

    Using AOMEI centralized backup eliminates the need to purchase any licenses for other computers.

  • Avoided the threat of ransomware

    Back up in advance to prevent data loss after emergencies.

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