Country: Germany

Industry: Manufacturing


The Ludolph has been established for 19 years and involves the fields of navigation and aviation. Equipped with magnetic compasses, sextants and other navigational instruments for ships of various types and sizes. Committed to innovation, performance and quality.

What Challenges Did Ludolph Face?

The form of data security is severe

We are committed to providing users with high-quality and high-level precision parts. We need to record the information of all parts and the needs of each customer. Once these data are lost, it will affect the quality of our products and the evaluation of our customers.

Need to improve IT availability

The company is currently in a rising period. In order to adapt to the company's rapid development, a complete and modern IT infrastructure is urgently needed to control warehouse management and production planning.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI helped Ludolph to make a unified backup of all the relevant data information of precision parts and customer order requirements, and all the company's operating systems. And all data can be quickly restored when the system crashes.
In order to enable Ludolph company to have better development during the ascent. AOMEI provided it with a better IT organization. Ensure the continuity of the company's business and the security of the system and data.

The Benefits for Ludolph

  • Improved the security of sophisticated data

    AOMEI backs up the important data it has and ensures that it can be quickly restored in the event of a system failure.

  • Saved 20% of IT costs

    The new IT structure is modernized and automated, saving labor and financial costs.

  • Simplified warehouse management

    Modern backup software can manage and protect all data in a unified manner.

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