Country: Canada

Industry: Engineering


Lexar is located in Ontario, Canada, and has more than 38 years of rich experience in mechanical design, welding design, metallurgy, manufacturing, machine design, and so on. To complete high-quality projects is their driving force.

What Challenges Did Lexar Face?

Difficulty in data migration

“Our employees have heavy design work every day. Many employees choose to copy the completed work to their mobile devices after work, and spend a lot of energy every day in cloning time gradually draining our patience.”

IT System reaction is laggardly

Extensive and large amounts of different engineering data almost fill up Lexar's IT system, data sources and copies were not reasonably classified, caused the system's operating speed becomes more and more sluggish.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI has a complete cloning function that can meet most of the work needs of Lexar employees. And its cutting-edge technical support ensures that data will not be damaged during the cloning process, allowing employees to use important data at any time.
Partition backup, differential and incremental backup and other functions allow Lexar to handle different data in a way that suits their wishes. The effective management of data frees up more storage space for the system and reduces 60% of the time it takes to wait for the system to respond.

The Benefits for Lexar

  • Improve employee job satisfaction

    AOMEI allows employees to quickly clone source data to retrieve important files from their mobile devices at any time.

  • Strengthened data protection

    Lexar allows AOMEI to protect their data throughout the entire process to prevent the loss and damage of its important records.

  • Improve the efficiency of Lexar

    AOMEI strengthened its data protection solution, allowing Lexar to save 60% of the time waiting for system restart.

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