Country: America

Industry: IT Service


Founded in 1992, Kanguru Solution is an industry leader in providing secure hardware encryption equipment to users around the world. It is committed to helping clients maintain a better security strategy through the continuous development of products, services and support.

What Challenges Did Kanguru Face?

Data privacy protection is not strong

“As experts in the field of data security, we are well versed in the importance of data security. The core data must be free from any possibility of loss or exposure. We have tried many ways to test data privacy before, but there are always flaws.”

Difficult to manage scattered data

The unsync of data between different computers makes the IT team spend more time on transmission, and file data classification requires the creation of multiple documents or partitions for management, which increases the difficulty of data management and retrieval.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI uses military-grade encryption to protect all data of Kanguru and resist external attacks. Automatic backup as well as incremental and differential backups allow no omission of data in all corners and save storage memory.
Centralized backup simplifies the management steps between multiple computers. One terminal device can back up, clone, and restore the managed unit. The unified management of the terminal makes the front-end data more conducive to collection and review, making data application more convenient.

The Benefits for Kanguru

  • Improved data privacy

    AOMEI's high-strength encryption technology conceals Kanguru's important data very well, preventing the leakage and loss of commercial secrets.

  • Reduce labor and time costs

    Automatic backup makes the IT team forget the backup and complete the backup task in the background of the system according to custom instructions.

  • Improved data application capabilities

    Complete data collection and unified centralized management make data easier to check and improve Kanguru work efficiency.

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