Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Josai Gakuen is a school corporation located on 1-10-26, Chihaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo and it own a vocational school, a high school, and a junior high school. Although affiliated to Chengxi University, it is an independent legal person called Chengxi Academy. It is a school legal person and in fact an affiliated school.

What Challenges Did Josai Gakuen Face?

Weak resistance to data disasters

The storage availability and data security of the production system cannot be guaranteed; storage access efficiency is low, storage resources and data cannot be shared, the system cannot be smoothly expanded, and current data backup methods cannot face disasters.

Backup tasks are heavy and slow

Most of us use the "manual backup to disk" backup method, the backup/restore time is unbearable, the system management task is heavy, and the storage of multiple historical versions of data requires a lot of disk space.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI has an incremental backup function, which only backs up modified and added data files, which greatly improves the speed of backup and greatly reduces the repetitiveness of data and reduces the occupancy rate of storage space. In addition, combined with high-strength data compression technology, it can more deduplicate data and reduce the demand for space.
AOMEI Backupper can use a password to protect the image file from unauthorized access. Set the compression level used in the backup process to save time or save storage space. Even if the main disk of the production center fails, production can still be continued through the storage equipment provided by the disaster recovery center, which greatly improves system availability.

The Benefits for Josai Gakuen

  • Better deal with disaster recovery

    Protect data security and face possible data disasters at any time.

  • Easily and Conveniently backup

    A few simple mouse clicks can achieve incremental backups.

  • Save backup time and space

    One-click backup and reduce the storage space occupied by backup data.

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