Country: Japan

Industry: Electric


Higashiyamadenki was established in 1954 and was mainly responsible for mechanical and electrical, and general electric projects. With 35 years of history and technical support for the construction of high-voltage equipment.

What Challenges Did Higashiyamadenki Face?

Virtual machine backup demand is large

“We provide electricity-related services to millions of homes and factories. We have about 60 virtual machines, once these virtual machines are damaged, it will affect our normal business. Therefore, we need a complete solution to help us back up virtual machines and improve data recovery capabilities.” said by CEO.

High cost of backup time

When the IT team uses the traditional backup method, it often takes several days to perform manual backups, and needs to check the backup results at all times. The whole process is not centralized and takes a long time.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Higashiyamadenki can complete the configuration of all computers on the centralized console provided by AOMEI, and back up the company's virtual machine. Even if a disaster strikes, it can quickly restore the files in the virtual machine to ensure the normal operation of the business.
AOMEI Centralized Backupper also provides complete, incremental and differential backups, which are much more convenient than traditional backup solutions. It personnel can choose different backup schemes according to different situations. It only takes tens of minutes to complete the backup.

The Benefits for Higashiyamadenki

  • Improved backup efficiency

    AOMEI's different backup solutions are suitable for different situations, thus shortening the backup time.

  • Ensure business continuity

    When a disaster strikes, data can be quickly restored in a short period of time, and the business can operate normally.

  • Get timely technical support

    AOMEI's timely support team will solve any product problems encountered by the Higashiyamadenki at any time.

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