Country: Belgium

Industry: Education


Universiteit Hasselt was officially established in 1971 and is a public research university with campuses in Hasselt and Diepenbeek, Belgium. It is also an innovative university which has a pronounced international orientation.

What Challenges Did Universiteit Hasselt Face?

New computers need protection

The school has recently purchased a number of new computers, hoping to back up and protect the newly installed operating systems and applications on these computers to prevent data leakage and loss caused by hackers or virus attacks.

Disordered data restore

When inputting data to the database, the staff are also backing it up to the disk where the database is located. But sometimes due to the incomplete data block, the data in the database is out of order after being restored.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI backed up these newly set up systems and applications to disk to create a mirrored file. If there is any problem with the operating system or other data partitions, the image file can be used to restore the data to the previous normal state, effectively preventing database against attack and loss.
AOMEI uses VSS technology to support hot backup, helping Universiteit Hasselt complete the backup tasks without interrupting program operation (or business program work). When its data state is stable and consistent, the backup program finishes the data backup steadily and accurately, avoiding disordered data due to incomplete data block.

The Benefits for Universiteit Hasselt

  • Strengthened data protection

    No matter the data is stored on any storage device, it can be recovered from the backed up image file through disk backup, which is simple and safe.

  • Enhanced backup efficiency

    With clear and detailed guidelines of AOMEI, the school could complete the operation of disk backup easily, raising the efficiency of backup.

  • Ensured data consistency

    With hot backup Universiteit Hasselt improved the success rate of backup of files and programs,, and also ensured the consistency of data.

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