Country: America

Industry: Greenhouse


Phelan's story began in 1977, when it started as a small greenhouse called Sunset. Thanks to the efforts of Sue and Don, Phelan has now become a huge garden center, while also providing services such as retail.

What Challenges Did Phelangarden Face?

Incomplete data protection system

Since the greenhouse center is built in a relatively open place, power is often cut off, and the greenhouse system is often attacked by malicious software, resulting in the loss of some important data. Don is currently older and not good at IT, so they continue to have a safe backup plan.

Large IT cost burden

Since we often encounter data loss problems, we have tried many backup solutions for this. But their common shortcoming is that the backup and recovery time is too slow, and the price is very expensive. We often spend more than ten hours to back up our data, which spends a lot of our IT costs.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Backupper provides multiple backup methods for Phelan. Supports data backup to external disks and cloud disks, and provides multiple protections for data. At the same time, planned backups can back up data before red belt disasters or system crashes to prevent data loss.
Three flexible backup schemes, full, incremental and differential, provide continuous and uninterrupted protection for Phelan's data. At the same time, the backup and recovery speed is fast, which saves a lot of time for the normal operation of the business. At the same time, a complete and reliable backup solution saves a lot of IT costs.

The Benefits for Phelangarden

  • Mass data is protected

    A complete backup system provides safe protection of data from virus attacks.

  • Reduced IT costs by 50%

    The backup solution provided by AOMEI reduces the cost of data management and IT operations.

  • Ensure smooth business

    Data recovery is fast and efficient, reducing the time of business interruption.

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