Country: America

Industry: Education


The University of Chicago is a young but world-famous private university. Since its establishment in 1890, it has made outstanding contributions to world academics and has consistently ranked among the top ten universities in the world.

What Challenges Did Chicago University Face?

Too many ports to manage

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic is also a huge blow to the education industry. Facing of the new opportunities in digital teaching, Chicago University has an urgent require to protect educational resources and unify front-end management as well.

Complex data is not easy to manage

Different professional disciplines have their own peculiarities and need to distinguish management. Excessive processing often overloads IT staff. Therefore, We need a centralized management solution for data partition protection.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Centralized Backupper provides Chicago University with a shortcut to centralized backup, management, and control of all computer data, enabling backup and synchronization of systems, partitions, and more from a single terminal computer.
Operators through the central management console for each computer to be backed up for group management, remote deployment of all computers in the local area network for the creation of backup image files, encryption, compression and other operations, reduce the rates of data management error and data damage.

The Benefits for Chicago University

  • Simplify the management steps by unified data control

    AOMEI gives maximum authority to a single computer which uniformly deployed to all computers in the local area network.

  • Ensure the integrity of front-end data

    AOMEI enables all computers to be backed up according to the set plan, preventing potential data corruption disaster.

  • Reduce IT management system error rate

    Group-based managed backups make the type of data clearer and different alternative backup methods provide for system optimization.

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