Country: Switzerland

Industry: IT


CompuBit AG is a general contractor for IT solutions managed by the owner and was established in 1999. Its employees guarantee high quality standards: motivation, commitment and continuous training ensure high customer satisfaction.

What Challenges Did CompuBit AG Face?

Complex data management solutions

Because of the variety of data, the basic management plan cannot meet their needs. Not only did they arrange dedicated manpower to complete data management, the original data-oriented solutions were also more complicated, which wasted a lot of IT staff's time.

Data loss increases management burden

"We rely on data to develop our business, and data is our core. Any damage or loss of data may consume several hours or more of our work to retrieve it. This makes it difficult for our work progress to process successfully, which is draining our energey."

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI provides the simplest and most direct backup method. CompuBit AG only need to set instructions in advance to start the backup program on time. It has set up an unattended program mode, which can process data backup tasks in batches, and supports system, partition, incremental and advanced backup methods.
It can restore files, partitions, and systems according to their needs, and can even restore data to different hardware devices, reducing the time it takes to deal with unexpected situations, and its employees can use this time more reasonably in other work tasks, and it also makes their daily work more efficient.

The Benefits for CompuBit AG

  • Simplified data management solution

    AOMEI provides the most direct and effective backup solution, speeding up the implementation of their data management measures.

  • Provides complete data recovery methods

    A variety of data retrieval methods can perfectly meet the needs of xx, and commands can be effectively executed.

  • Improved the efficiency of its daily work

    The simplification of data management and the reduced risk of data loss enable its work to be completed more smoothly.

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