Country: Germany

Industry: IT Service


Thomas Amon GmbH, established in 2009, is a service-oriented company that provides a wide range of advice and services to small and medium-sized companies and individuals in the field of IT infrastructure and security.

What Challenges Did Thomas Amon GmbH Face?

Data processing lag slower the IT system

Due to the accumulation of duplicate data, expired files, and invalid records, Thomas Amon's previous IT system slowed down and sometimes even crashed, so the system had to be restarted. In this process, new data may be lost and an endless loop may be entered.

Excessive waste of time on data management

"Redundant files not only slow down the speed of the computer, but also hinder the progress of our employees to serve customers. Although we have assigned professional employees to manage these data, the data has been accumulated over the years. It’s more difficult to manage."

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Thomas Amon complete the huge project of data backup and restoration with only a few clicks on the AOMEI operation interface. Eliminates complicated manpower operating, simple but absolutely effective. Differential and incremental backups and backup renaming features make the backup data easier to retrieve and manage, and spare more system storage.
AOMEI supports Thomas Amon to set a backup plan according to its own needs, and automatically update the backup. After the task is completed, there will be an email to report the backup status in time, without additional time for data processing and checking results. Let its employees have more time to deal with their own business.

The Benefits for Thomas Amon GmbH

  • Improved data processing speed

    To backup specific target and backup automatically reduces the operating pressure of the it system.

  • Reduced data redundancy procedures

    Differential and incremental backup optimize system storage space, backup image renaming makes management easier.

  • Promote Thomas Amons’s operational capacity

    AOMEI enhances its protection and processing of data, allowing it more time to concentrate on customer inquiries.

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