Country: United Kingdom

Industry: IT service


PixelIT, an IT company is located on Thurso in the UK, provides a range of IT support, such as web development, printing & photocopying, and some retail PC Parts. With remote support, its reach is even further to customers all over the Highlands.

What Challenges Did PixelIT Face?

Inefficient and risky data migration

It takes much time to transfer all the data on a disk to other disks of office computers. Meanwhile, data loss may be caused by accidental deletion or computer failure which means high data security risk for the company.

Absence of risk response measures

All the data on the current system disk is important, while PixelIT lacks a full backup of the source disk. Thus, it is hard to restore lost data quickly in the event of a disaster such as a damaged original hard drive.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI offers various backup plans and quick data restore access which meet the demands of PixelIT, helping safeguard its business all-round. Besides, AOMEI Backupper protects data of unlimited pcs or servers for PixelIT, reducing the risk of data loss.
AOMEI Backupper could easily execute data migration on the level of hard disk drive, partition volume, or operating system, regardless of partition style and file system, which relieved PixelIT of previous problem of complex and risky data migration.

The Benefits for PixelIT

  • Reduced its data loss risk

    Equipped with a powerful data recovery solution as a strong backing, PixelIT now protects data security and improves its competitiveness.

  • Improved data migration mode

    The company now migrates data in an automated way with AOMEI, which liberate its staff from cumbersome tasks and saves time.

  • Better risk countermeasures

    PixelIT avoids huge economic loss caused by server shutdown and even gets increased revenue stream by saving costly downtime.

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