Country: America

Industry: Government


Euless is a city in Tarrant County, Texas, United States. More than 55,000 people have settled, and its residents come from different races in the world. It has a beautiful environment, good economic development, and rich educational resources.

What Challenges Did Euless Face?

Data loss occurs for fogetting backup

“Data from various departments is integrated in the same server. Although we back up and check the data on time, records still disappeared sometimes. Tracking the original data and re-backing it makes it more difficult for us to advance our daily work.”

Massive Data makes IT system slower

Because Euless generates and stores a large amount of data every day, the original data processing plan did not allocate the data rationally, and effectively used the system storage space, which caused the terminal server to run slowly.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

Euless has set up a new backup plan, and AOMEI will automatically back up on the setting time. After the completion, the backup result will be notified to Euless which makes it really forgets to back up and saves the daily data check work.
Incremental backup makes its data only compare with the previous backup version, and AOMEI partition backup can also strengthen its orderly management of its backup objects, improve the utilization efficiency of target disks and system operation speed.

The Benefits for Euless

  • Prevent all important data loss

    According to Euless settings, AOMEI keeps continuing backup to prevent its data damage and loss.

  • Reduce the IT staff’s burden

    Just a few clicks can it backups and generates result reports after completion, which doesn’t require personnel to guard and check.

  • Increase the speed of the system

    More effective management of backup objects and more reasonable utilization of partitions and disk make the system processing faster.

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