Error “Failed to run VDCpromo” When Deploying vCenter Appliance

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By Crystal / Updated on November 16, 2023

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Case: Failed to run VDCpromo on vCenter 7

I am installing new VCSA 7 appliance 2 and after stage 1 successfully completed, in stage 2 I select joining new VCSA to deployed VCSA 7.0.3 appliance 1.

Then the installation stopped at message "Failed to run vdcpromo"

failed to run vdcpromo

The new VCSA appliance 2 is installed in the same host, same storage pool with existing VCSA appliance 1

Both VCSA NTP setting is synchronize with host server.

Welcome to any suggestion of solution.

From VMware Communities

As businesses rely heavily on VMware vCenter for efficient management of their virtualized environments, encountering the error message: “vmware psc failed to run vdcpromo” can be a significant roadblock. This error often arises during the upgrade process

Solution for the Error "Failed to run vdcpromo" on vCenter 7/8

If your environment does not yet have an either DNS or NTP servers setup, according to the vCenter prerequisites cannot deploy vCenter without them.

Based on research across multiple sources including blogs and forum posts, a couple of potential solutions emerged for addressing the issue when using the vCenter Installer Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Configure the vCenter installer DNS setting to utilize the Gateway IP, enabling the installer to detect an online IP address.
  • Alternatively, direct the vCenter installer to use its own IP for DNS by specifying as the DNS server IP address.

🛠️ Please check the prerequisites before deploying. Besides, if the vCenter Server Installer GUI does not work, you could try the vCenter Server Installer CLI.

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Bind device

2. Create backup task: click Backup Task >> Create New Task.

★ Enter task name and batch select large numbers of VMs managed by vCenter Server for centralized backup.

★ Schedule: schedule backup as full / incremental / differential backup and specify time to run the backup.

schedule VM backup

★ After configuring the backup task, review the information and click Start Backup.

3. Restore: click “…”>> Restore to select restoration content and destination.

restore VM

You can choose to Restore to original location. It allows you to recover entire VM easily and quickly. It saves time to recreate or configure ESXi virtual machines.

Or you can also restore to new location to create a new VM in the same or another datastore/host directly from the backup, saving the trouble of re-configuring the new VM.

restore VM


Resolving the "Failed to run vdcpromo vCenter 7" error is crucial for maintaining a stable and efficient vCenter environment. By trying the troubleshooting methods, businesses can proactively address this error and minimize its impact, ensuring seamless vCenter operations. With a proactive approach and access to valuable resources and support, businesses can effectively navigate and mitigate the challenges associated with this error, safeguarding the integrity and functionality of their vCenter 7/8 environment.

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