How to Recover WeChat Group Messages?

In this tutorial, you will get useful help about how to recover WeChat group messages. It's easy to restore them on your phone if you have a backup. You could also solve the problem via third-party WeChat data recovery software without backup.


By Lora / Updated on May 31, 2023

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Case: How to recover WeChat group chat history?

“How can I recover WeChat group messages? I deleted one WeChat group by accident. I didn’t add the group to my WeChat contacts. How to find the group and WeChat group chat history back? Is there any app I can use to do so? Thanks in advance.”

Nowadays, we are in an era of information explosion, and we need to deal with increasing new information. Instant message apps like WeChat play an important role in our daily life.

Except for chatting with friends, WeChat users are also invited to join different WeChat groups for kinds of purposes. If you don’t view the messages for a moment, you will receive thousands of messages from WeChat groups. Therefore deleting the WeChat group is very common for clearing space of phone, loss of interest, system crashes, etc.

If you accidentally deleted the WeChat group chat history, you can easily recover the WeChat group with a WeChat backup. Otherwise, you need to use a trusty third-party tool to restore WeChat data, like AOMEI WeChat Recovery, without any WeChat backup.

Why WeChat deleted group chat history is recoverable?

Before picking up methods to recover WeChat group messages, let’s get to know why the WeChat group deleted chat history can be recovered.

After you deleted the WeChat chat history, the data wouldn’t be deleted permanently. The deleted WeChat history will be moved to a hidden place on your phone. Need to mention that new data will be generated constantly, your deleted data may be at the risk to be covered.

If you don’t have any WeChat backup, the first thing when you find your WeChat message lost is to turn on airplane mode to avoid deleted data being overwritten or covered.

How to recover WeChat group messages without a backup for iPhone?

The best way for WeChat group chat message recovery without backup is to use trustworthy and professional third-party software, like MyRecover for iOS, to restore all lost WeChat data. Note that it is only suitable for iOS users at present. With the stunning features, AOMEI WeChat history Recovery wins a lot of praise.

MyRecover for iOS:
Preview all lost WeChat data before recovery.
Support iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 10 or later.
Recover deleted or lost chat history, images, voice messages, videos, contacts, etc.
Export & save all WeChat history to the computer.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Steps to recover deleted WeChat group messages without backup

Following the recovery steps below, you can easily get your WeChat group messages back.

Step 1. Free Download and launch MyRecover for iOS on your computer. Connect your iOS device via charging cable. Please make sure to switch your iPhone to airplane mode after losing WeChat data avoiding the delete WeChat group message covered by new data.


Step 2. Click “Scan Now” for scanning old or deleted WeChat data, the time cost depends on the amount of WeChat data.


Step 3. After the scanning process is finished, AOMEI Wechat recovery software will analyze WeChat Chat history automatically. After analyzing, you can select WeChat history sorting by types of contacts, status, or time. Click "Recover" to save the deleted data to your computer according to your needs.


In the process of phone scanning, please always keep the connection between the phone and computer.
The time for scanning depends on the size of your WeChat data. Larger is the size, more time cost.
Third-party software can’t guarantee a 100% recovery rate. The longer time your WeChat deleted group messages has, the more difficult to find them back.

How to recover WeChat group messages with backup?

If you do regular WeChat backup on pc, it’s extremely easy to get your deleted WeChat group message back. Besides, for iOS users, if you have phone data backup on iCloud or iTunes, you can find the right answer in method 2.

Method 1. Recover from backup WeChat chat history on PC

This method can be used for both Android phones and iPhone. If you often log in to your WeChat account on your computer and checked auto-sync recent messages, you can find the previous chat history on PC, which only applies to recover the WeChat data last time you logged in.

Another way to restore WeChat group messages is using the WeChat function “Backup and Restore”.  Follow the steps to recover the WeChat group chat history from backup WeChat data on PC.

Step 1. Scan QR code and Log in to your WeChat account for Windows, click three horizontal bars at the bottom of the left corner.

Step 2. Select “Backup and Restore” on Windows WeChat, click “Restore on phone”.

restore on phone

Step 3. Select the chat logs you want to be transferred. There are more options you can click to choose the exact date or others. Tap “OK” to restore WeChat history.

You need to do the “Backup on PC” function to backup WeChat data before restoring history on phone. If you don’t, you will find there is a popup to mention that “no backup to be restored” after you click “Restore on phone”.

Method 2. Recover from backup WeChat chat history via iCloud or iTunes

Please make sure you have made a iCloud or iTunes backup before using this method, then you can restore the WeChat group message easily from the backup. Note that you need to erase all contents and settings on your phone as a new device to restore all the data from iCloud.

Before recovering WeChat data, you need to check whether you have the latest backup. Tap “Settings” >You Name > “iCloud” > “Storage” > “Manage Storage”. Then you can see the date and size of the latest backup. Follow the steps to complete the recovery process.

Step 1. Tap “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Contents and Settings” to erase all contents and settings on your phone.


Step 2. Set up your iPhone as the first time you use it. When setting “Apps & Data”, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup”.


Recovery from iTunes backup requires you to restore all backups on your iPhone and all existing data will be overwritten, which means it needs much time for recovery. Follow the easy steps for recovery from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your phone to the computer.

Step 2. On the left side, click “Summary” > “Restore backup

Step 3. Wait for the process completed, and the latest backup will be restored to your iPhone.

restore from itunes

Method 3. Recover WeChat data on a new phone

When using a new phone, users always want to transfer the previous WeChat history on the old one to the new phone. You can use the function “migration” to backup and migrate your WeChat chat history.

Step1. Log in your WeChat on your old phone.

Step 2. For iOS users: tap “Me” > “Settings” > “General” > “Backup & Migrate Chats”. For Android users: tap “Me” > “Settings” > “Chats” > “Backup & Migrate Chats”.

Step 3. Tap “Migrate Chats to Another Device”.

migrate wechat chats

Step 4. Select the WeChat chat history you want to restore in another device. You can choose "Migrate Entire Chat History" or "Migrate Partial Chat History" for iPhone. For Android, you need to tap “Select Chat History”.

Step 5. Use your new phone to log in to the same WeChat account.

Step 6. Scan the QR Code from the old phone. And then your Chats will be restored to your new device automatically.


In a word, we have different methods for recovering WeChat group messages depends on whether to make WeChat history backup or not. Regular backup WeChat history is necessary, especially for those who have important WeChat data. There are several methods for WeChat history backup. If you don’t make any backup, the AOMEI WeChat Recovery tool will help you restore WeChat history as much as possible.

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