How to Restore WeChat History without Backup

How to restore WeChat history without backup? Check the useful methods to recover WeChat chat conversations, images, videos, etc.


By Lora / Updated on December 15, 2023

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Can I recover WeChat chat history?

“Is there any suggestion on how to get permanently deleted WeChat messages back without backup? I deleted my important WeChat conversations, and pictures from my iPhone by accident, now I can’t find them anymore. I haven’t done any backup on my computer or phone. It seems they disappeared forever. Please tell me if it is possible to recover WeChat data? Thanks."

Most WeChat users store WeChat data including files, photos, and videos, taking up large storage space on phones. They need to clear WeChat messages usually to free phone space. Therefore, it may happen that WeChat data is deleted by accident, especially when you need some important chat conversations as proof, but you can’t find them in your WeChat. It’s a huge disaster for emergency cases.

For some people who don’t back up WeChat data regularly, how to recover the deleted messages without backup becomes a top concern. Here is an efficient way for restoring WeChat history permanently deleted without backup in the post.

Why deleted WeChat history is recoverable without backup?

Before learning about the recovering method, it’s better to know why deleted WeChat history is recoverable even without backup on a PC or phone. The deleted messages wouldn’t disappear immediately and will be stored in a hidden place on your phone.

But need to mention that, after your new data of WeChat is created, your deleted messages may be covered or written. The WeChat data disappear forever. At that time, your deleted WeChat history becomes unrecoverable. Therefore, once you deleted some important WeChat history, turn on Airplane mode on your phone to avoid lost data being covered, and then use reliable recovery tools for restoring.

How to restore WeChat history without backup easily?

Now you must wonder how to get WeChat message back? Even if you don’t have a backup of your lost WeChat data, with professional WeChat history recovery software, you could recover it from your phone easily. You have the access to the SQLite database to extract and restore the deleted data without backup by the MyRecover for iOS. It has many stunning features for WeChat restore.

MyRecover for iOS 

Key Features:
 Support individual chats and group chats recovery without backup.
 Preview all deleted messages and selectively export lost data.
 Recover WeChat contacts, chat conversations, photos, videos, voice messages, etc.
Support iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 10 version or later.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Steps to recover WeChat chat history without backup

Step 1. Download and install MyRecover for iOS on your computer, and connect your iOS device with the computer via a charging cable for scanning.


Step 2. Authorize your iOS device to the computer and click “Scan Now” to scan your WeChat deleted data. The time cost depends on your file size.


Step 3. Analyzing completed, it comes to the following operating interface. You can choose the data you want and click "Recover".


When you use the MyRecover for iOS, it should be noted that keeping the connection between phone and computer is necessary, the scanning will be paused and start again due to disconnection. Besides, the larger your WeChat files, the more time you cost.

As a third-party recovery software, MyRecover for iOS performed perfectly in our real cases and is a must-have when you deleted important WeChat messages accidentally without any backup.

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Although the deleted WeChat messages without backup can be recovered by the WeChat history recovery tool, it’s recommended to do backup on phone or computer regularly. Here are two methods to back up WeChat history. WeChat for Windows provides a built-in tool for WeChat data backup. You can easily backup WeChat history to your PC to keep them from being lost. The WeChat desktop offers both Windows and Mac versions to download. Alternatively, a free iPhone backup software - FoneTool could be another choice.

Method 1. Backup WeChat messages via WeChat on PC

Step 1: Download and install WeChat for Windows from the page

Step 2: Scan the QR Code to log in to your WeChat account

Step 3: Click the three horizontal lines button and select “Backup & Restore

Step 4: Click “Back up on PC


Step 5: Select the chat you want to back up on your PC. Here are “More Options” you can choose for backup WeChat messages according to your needs.

Tips: You need to make sure that your phone and computer connect to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise, you can’t back up your WeChat history in this way.

Method 2. Back up WeChat data via a freeware

FoneTool is a free iPhone backup app that allows you to back up your iPhone in full or partial mode to a safe location such as a PC or external disk. Besides, it supports one-click iPhone to iPhone or PC transfer.

Step 1: Download and install FoneTool, and select “Full Backup”.


Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. Set the backup path and then click “Start Backup”. Then wait for the backup process completes.


In a word, for restoring deleted or lost WeChat history without backup, using a third-party recovery tool is the best choice for restoring it. It’s recommended to use AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS with simple operating steps to recover WeChat history without backup in an easy and fast way. Of course, it’s advisable to regularly back up your WeChat data by using WeChat for Windows or FoneTool to keep your data safe.

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