[Easy & Quick] Guide for PS3 Hard Drive Recovery

How to perform PS3 hard drive recovery easily? If you want to recover lost or deleted files from PS3 hard drives, this article with much detailed info will be worth reading and helpful.


By Lori / Updated on April 2, 2024

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PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console developed and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It allows users to play video games, watch movies, browse the internet, and use various multimedia applications.

Recover Games Files on PS4

PS3 hard drive is the internal storage device inside the PS3 console. It's where games, apps, and other data are stored. However, game files are susceptible to loss through accidental deletion, and sudden ejection, causing distress due to invested time and effort.

So many gaming enthusiasts raise the question: can you recover data from PS3 hard drives? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Please read this article to perform PS3 hard drive recovery.

Reasons for PS3 Hard Drive Data Loss

It is essential to identify the root cause before attempting PlayStation 3 hard drive recovery. Here are the 5 common reasons behind the deletion or loss of media files like movies on the PS3 hard drive:

🎡Sudden Ejection: Abruptly removing the hard drive during data transfer or while the console reads data can lead to severe consequences. Multiple sudden ejections can result in data deletion.

🎆 Virus Attacks: Just like computer hard drives, PS3 hard drives are vulnerable to virus attacks. Viruses and malicious software can make Windows automatically delete files or render data inaccessible.

🎊 Accidental Deletion: Accidentally deleting important files while removing irrelevant ones is a common problem worldwide. A lack of awareness about data deletion can contribute to this issue.

🐱‍🚀 Unintentional Format: Mistakenly choosing the "Format" option, either on a computer or within PS3 settings, can result in complete data loss.

🐱‍👤 Physical Damage: Dropping the hard drive can lead to data loss. Using a storage device despite errors and warnings can also result in trouble.

🎇 Other Factors: Simple actions like using the "Delete" button or keyboard shortcuts ("CTRL+X ") can lead to data loss on the PS3 hard drive.

  • Stop using the PS3 hard drive and avoid adding any new data to it. This prevents overwriting the deleted or missing files and improves the chances of a successful PS3 hard drive file recovery.

How to Perform PS3 Hard Drive Data Recovery Effectively

How to recover deleted files on PS3? If there is no available backup, you can recover deleted or missing files from PlayStation 3 via professional PS3 hard drive data recovery software like MyRecover. Besides, this hard drive recovery software also can help you recover data from PS4/PS5 hard drives.

Its impressive success rate and user-friendly interface have earned it high praise from users. In addition, it is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Windows Server.

PS3 Hard Drive Data Recovery  Tool
  • Recover files from internal HDDs, external HDDs such as PS3 and PS4, SSDs, USB sticks, and SD cards.
  • Advanced scanning method: MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files and folders.
  • Multiple recovery modes: Support deleted file recovery, formatted hard drive recovery, lost partition recovery, virus attack recovery, system crash recovery, and so on.

Get this recovery tool and operate with the following tutorial to recover data from PlayStation 3 hard drives with ease.

Step 1. Please carefully remove the PS3 hard drive and connect it to the PC.

Step 2. Download and start the app > hover the mouse over the connected PS3 external hard drive > click Scan.

Start Scan

Step 3. During scanning, you can sort the scanned files by Size, Type, Date modified, etc.


Step 4. Go to Other missing files> navigate to the exact file type you need > choose files > Recover x files.



This tool can also help you when you don’t know where are League replays saved and find them.

MyRecover provides 3 subscription plans: Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime. Choose data recovery plans as you like. Try to upgrade to MyRecover Pro/Tech to enjoy unlimited file recovery.

5 Tips on PS3 Hard Drive Recovery

Implementing these effective preventive measures can significantly minimize the risk of data loss from your PS3 hard drive:

1️⃣ Create Regular Backups: Cultivate the habit of creating regular backups with AOMEI Backupper Standard for your important data in dependable storage media. Making consistent backups in the prevention of unexpected events.

2️⃣ Adhere to Proper Ejection: Always follow the standard procedure for ejecting the hard drive to prevent issues. Exercise care when ejecting the device from computers or other systems.

3️⃣ Avoid Untrusted Systems: Refrain from connecting your storage device to untrusted computers to minimize risks related to data security.

4️⃣ Prevent Accidental Formatting: Exercise caution to avoid accidental disk formatting, which can lead to irreversible data loss.

5️⃣ Regular Virus Scans: To safeguard your device from malware threats, use reliable antivirus software to scan viruses regularly.


1. How Do I Know if My Ps3 Hard Drive Is Bad?

Determining if your PS3 hard drive is faulty involves recognizing several signs of corruption: access denied, file or data loss, disk unbootable, computer pops warning message, BSOD error, system crash, or boot failure issue.

2. How to Format PS3 Hard Drive from Recovery Menu?

To format your PS3 hard drive from the recovery menu, follow the steps below. But be cautious as disk formatting will erase all the existing data on your PS3. Make sure to back up your important files before formatting.

Step 1. Turn off your PS3 and then press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps.

Step 2. Connect a controller, access Safe Mode, and choose "Restore File System". If the issue persists, select "Restore PS3 System".

3. How Do I Fix a Corrupted PS3 System Storage?

To recover game saves from a failed PS3 hard drive, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Install the latest system software update on your PS3. Go to System Settings > System Information to check the current system software version. Update it to the latest version available by visiting the Sony PlayStation update page.

Step 2. Access Safe Mode on your PS3. Restart the console and hold down the power button until you hear two beeps, then release it. Connect a controller using a USB cable and select the desired option from the Safe Mode menu.

  • Restore File System - Attempts to repair areas on the hard drive where files are saved.
  • Rebuild Database - Deletes all data on the hard drive and rebuilds the database.

If all else fails, contact Sony Support for further assistance. Remember to back up your important data regularly to prevent significant loss in case of file system corruption.

4. How to Access PS3 Hard Drives from PC?

First, remove the hard drive from your PS3 console. Then, obtain a SATA to USB adapter to connect the hard drive to your PC. Once connected, check if your PC recognizes the drive in File Explorer.


If detected, you can access and manage the files through File Explorer on your computer. Remember to handle the hard drive carefully to avoid any physical damage during the process.

5. How to Fix the PS3 Disk Read Error?

Patience and careful handling are essential to successfully resolving the disk read error issue on your PS3. Please follow these steps:

Step 1. Disconnect the power cords and remove the blue screw and disk magnet from the PS3 hard drive.

Step 2. Access internal components by removing the warranty sticker and unscrewing the rubber foot.

Step 3. Replace the faulty laser by mounting the new one onto the metal bracket and white plastic clip, securing it with screws.

Step 4. Reattach the ribbon cable, metal brackets, and other components.

Step 5. Carefully reassemble the PS3, ensuring all parts are securely in place.

Wrapping up

Losing data on your PS3 hard drive can be distressing. Luckily, this PS3 hard drive recovery article gives you reliable data recovery software like MyRecover to help you get files from the PS3 hard drive easily. Also, get some prevention against data loss.

More importantly, don't forget regular backups to reduce data loss. You can use free backup software for Windows like AOMEI Backupper Standard. Stay proactive to safeguard your important files.

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