The Best Bitlocker Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

What is the best Bitlocker recovery software? How to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drives? This article is worth reading and helpful. Check it out.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How do I recover data from a locked Bitlocker drive?

Microsoft has developed several means to promote users’ data security, e.g., power-on passwords, permission validation, and Bitlocker encryption feature.

Bitlocker drive encryption can be regarded as one of the safest means to protect user’s private data from being acquired by others when their devices are stolen or sold.

In Windows 11, the hard drives will even be automatically Bitlocker encrypted for the sake of safety. Users need to use Windows 11 Bitlocker recovery key to unlock the drive.

Yet, data recovery is still a tricky problem for users. Many of them are seeking for approaches to recover data from encrypted drives after unexpected shutdowns, system crashes, file deletion, etc.


Trying to recover deleted files from two Bitlocker drives


I'm trying to recover videos from 2 external USB drives with Bitlocker. After deleting the files (SHIFT+DEL), I did not write on the disks, so there shouldn't be any overwriting; nevertheless, recovery results are poor.


- Question from Windows 11 forum


If you are also seeking an excellent Bitlocker recovery tool, this article will be helpful. In the next section, we will introduce one with detailed info.


The Bitlocker recovery software - MyRecover

When users are in need of a data recovery tool to search for files from a Bitlocker encrypted drive, they are seeking an app that is comprehensive, convenient, easy, efficient, and compatible.

MyRecover is a satisfying tool that meets these requirements. It is specially designed for Windows users, applying to data recovery needs from Windows Bitlocker encrypted drives.

With users’ own created passwords or generated recovery keys, MyRecover can help users scan and restore 200+ types of data from internal/external healthy/formatted/corrupted hard drives in 3 simple steps.

Passwords/recovery keys are necessary. Without the passwords and recovery keys, no individuals or institutions can access the locked drive and data; that is to say, you cannot bypass Bitlocker and acquire the data.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of this tool.


  • Comprehensive: apply to various data loss scenarios, like virus infection, system crashes, disk formatting, deletion, etc.
  • Convenient: recover deleted files, keep their original filenames/directories/formats/quality & support previewing/filtering/sorting files while scanning.
  • Easy to use: offer easy and straightforward GUI for users, requiring no expertise and knowledge.
  • Compatible: Support NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS in Windows 11/10/8/7 & Windows Server.


  • Lack of support for Mac OS.

See price & versions:

  Free Version MyRecover Pro MyRecover Technician Availability
Monthly $0.00 $29.95 $99.00 Upgrade now >>
Yearly $49.95 $199.00
Lifetime $69.95 $99.95 $299.00 $399.00
Differences Recover data freely up to 500MB  Recover unlimited data on 1 computer/license Recover unlimited data on unlimited computers/licenses

Then check the steps to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drives.

How to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drives using MyRecover?

Using MyRecover, you can quickly scan deleted and lost data from any device, including HDD/SSD/USB flash drives/SD cards, etc.

The process is straightforward and so simple that everyone can easily make it. Follow the guide to get back your files.

It is suggested not to make any read and write operation on the affected drive before backing up encrypted hard drives or recovering files. This can prevent your files from being overwritten and improve the success rate of Bitlocker encrypted drive recovery.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Decrypt the drive with your prepared Bitlocker encryption recovery key or your password in File Explorer.

Step 2. Download & install the Bitlocker recovery software - MyRecover > hover the mouse over the Bitlocker encrypted hard drive > click Scan.

Choose the Unlocked Bitlocker Drive Start Scan

Tip: Before you choose the unlocked decrypted SD card to start scan, you need to unlock it in advance.

Please Unlock the Bitlocker Drive

Step 3. The Bitlocker recovery tool automatically scans your drive with Quick Scan & Deep Scan, locating deleted and missing files on the chosen disk. Click the three-horizontal-lines icon to change the preview means.

Scanning Bitlocker Drive

Step 4. Check the Deleted files > go to the file's original location to restore the data with filenames/formats/paths intact. Also, you could check the Other missing files to retrieve files selectively. 200+ types of data are supported.

Choose Files from Bitlocker Drive to Restore

With the files accessed, you could turn off device encryption anytime if you feel inconvenient.


This article introduces the best Bitlocker recovery software and offers detailed info and steps to recover data from Bitlocker encrypted drives. With the help of MyRecover’s valuable features, Bitlocker hard drive recovery will be an easy task.

In case you will need more related info, the frequently asked questions and their answers are ready.

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