[Solved] Asus Recovery Partition Missing (2023)

Got the Asus recovery partition missing? Rest assured, this tutorial will guide you to get the Asus restore partition easily and safely.


By Lora / Updated on January 3, 2023

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How do I restore my recovery partition on my ASUS laptop?

Asus users can head to the inbuilt Disk Management tool and check all the installed devices and partitions. You may find a partition with no letters attached, whose capacity is 20GB, marked as “Recovery Partition”.


It occupies quite an ample space, so many users must think it is a waste of storage space. So they may be willing to delete it and allocate the space to other partitions.

Also, some users might have accidentally deleted the recovery partition due to unawareness of its importance.

But is it indeed 100% good to delete the Asus restore partition? Now, let’s start with its definition and function.

What is a recovery partition?

A recovery Partition is offered with the computer to allow users to reinstall the Operating System and the pre-installed software to restore to the factory state.

Whenever you encounter hard disk failures, system errors, or you need to restore the OS, you can take advantage of it.

In the past, a recovery disk was attached to the newly-bought computers. But now, those Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) replace the CDs with a pre-installed recovery partition to store the files necessary for the restoration.


Using recovery partitions to restore the OS is time-saving and can save manufacturers’ costs. Usually, the manufacturers offer two recovery partitions, one for Windows recovery partition and one for OEM recovery partition.

For Asus devices, generally, there will be a 20 GB recovery partition in the disk, whose size varies with different models. It stores the recovery settings of the provider.

Once it gets lost or deleted without being backed up, you can never restore Windows using it. So, it is recommended to back up the recovery partition; and, please do not delete the Asus restore partition readily.

Why will you meet the Asus recovery partition missing issue?

Why does Asus restore partition get missing? Several reasons are to blame.

Deletion. Users may have utilized some partition management tools to accidentally delete partitions to free up some storage space. And unluckily, they removed the wrong one. 
Formatting. Sometimes, users may try to reformat the disks to solve some disk errors or to sell them. But all the info on it will be gone and may lead to the recovery partition missing. So many users wonder how to undo quick format
Hard disk failure. When hard drives fail, the recovery partition can get lost. Some manufacturers will attach a recovery disk or CD if the recovery partition gets missing or deleted.

Then, how to restore Asus recovery partition? Check in the next section.

How to fix the Asus recovery partition missing?


How to recover an Asus restore partition depends on the status of your device.

Actually, deleting a recovery partition will not influence the normal working condition of the computer if you have backed it up. Still, if the recovery partition is missing due to hard drive failure or other errors, you probably cannot get the PC booted.

If you accidentally deleted system partition, the computer will also be unbootable. At this time, you need to create bootable media to fix the unbootable computer first.

With the recovery partition backed up on a USB, you could restore from the USB quickly. But, if you don’t possess one, follow the detailed steps below and easily restore Asus recovery partition.

We will recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant for its excellent features.

Easy-to-use.  Its user interface is well-designed to be easy and eye-pleasing, making it easy for users to operate. 
Versatile. As a multi-functional tool, it can assist users in restoring deleted or lost partitions from Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and even Windows 11. 
Compatible. It supports lost volume recovery from external or internal hard drives, like HDD, SSD, USB, and SD cards. 

Now install the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Demo version and use a free trial.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
With two search methods provided, you could locate the deleted or lost volumes/partitions efficiently. “Fast Search” will perform a quick scan, while “Full Search” scans the hard drive sector by sector.

Step 1. Install and run the AOMEI partition recovery tool > Partition recovery wizard > select the affected drive > Next.


Step 2. Choose a search method to scan and locate the deleted partitions.


Step 3. Select the Asus recovery partition you need to recover > Proceed.


This software always devotes itself to scanning hard disks for deleted partitions. Within 3 simple steps, you could solve the Asus recovery partition getting lost problem.

FAQ about deleted partition recovery issues

This article aims to solve the problem of “Asus recovery partition missing” for users. In case you have other questions, here we will offer more info and solutions.

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