Four Proven Methods to Recover Accidentally Deleted Kindle Book

This post introduces how to recover accidentally deleted Kindle book. We provide you with four feasible ways to do this job. For example, you can recover the deleted books with your Amazon account if they were synced, you can also connect your Kindle to the computer and use the data recovery software.


By Hester / Updated on October 26, 2022

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Can I recover an accidentally deleted Kindle book?


Somehow I accidentally deleted a book from my Kindle. Is there a way to recover the accidentally deleted Kindle book?”

- Question from Kindle Forum


Can I retrieve a deleted book on my Kindle? Yes! 

Kindle is a convenient device that enables users to carry many books at once. Users may, however, erase the e-books by accident or on purpose. In addition to being manually deleted, books kept on the Kindle may potentially disappear due to insufficient storage, incompatible file format, a virus, or unexpected problems.

Whatever the reason, you can recover the deleted Kindle books by the following methods.

How to recover accidentally deleted Kindle book [4 methods]

How to retrieve a deleted book on Kindle? You have several effective methods to choose from. Continue reading to recover your deleted data.

Method 1. Restore deleted book with your Amazon account

You can sign into your Amazon account on any Kindle device to sync your online book purchases. Therefore, you can also recover the deleted books from your Kindle using this feature.

Step 1. On your computer, go to the Amazon Kindle website and sign in with the account you purchased the deleted books.

Amazon Kindle Sign In

Step 2. From the Manage Your Content and Devices section, click Content and then you can see the list of your books.

Content in Amazon Account

Step 3. Link your Kindle device to the computer with a USB cable. Select the book you want to recover, click Actions icon > Download & transfer via USB. Then you can see the book on your Kindle.

Kindle Download Via USB

Method 2. Recover deleted book from Amazon’s Cloud Library

Your digital purchases from Amazon, including books, are stored in their Cloud Library. This implies that if you manually or accidentally deleted Kindle books, you can always re-download them from Amazon's Cloud Library.

Step 1. Open your Kindle device and connect it to the Internet. Go to home screen and tap MY LIBRARY.

Tips: If you are using an older Kindle device, such as the Paperwhite 1, you need to tap the Cloud tab located on your Kindle’s home screen.

Kindle My Library

Step 2. Then you can see a list of your purchased books. You will find an “All” tab and a “Download” tab. Tap the All tab, find your deleted book, and re-download it.

Kindle Library All Books

Method 3. Re-download deleted book from Archived Items

If you deleted the book purchased from Amazon, you can easily recover it from Kindle device. Once you deleted the book, it will be automatically archived instead of permanently deleted. Here are the steps to recover the book.

Step 1. Turn on your Kindle and make sure it has an Internet connection, then tap the home button.

Step 2. Tap the Menu option and select View Archived Items from the pop-up window.

View Archived Items

Step 3. Then you can choose your deleted books and re-download them.

Method 4. Retrieve deleted book using data recovery tool

If the above methods do not work out, you may encounter a device failure or virus attack, which will permanently damage your book files. In this case, you need a professional Windows data recovery tool to get your books back. MyRecover could be the best choice for you.

It can recover your lost data within only 3 steps with a high recovery rate.
It supports comprehensive file types. The popular file extensions on Kindle like .txt, .doc, .doxc, .pdf, etc. are all supported by the software.
It applies to all-inclusive data loss scenarios in Windows, in addition to recovering Kindle books, you can also recover data from partition formatting, system crash, etc.

Now, Download MyRecover and follow the next steps to recover your deleted Kindle books.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Link your Kindle device to your computer with a USB cable. Launch the software and locate your Kindle partition, then click Start Scan.

Select Formatted External Hard Drive to Scan

Step 2. Then you can see a list of files after the scanning process. You can locate the deleted book files directly by entering its name in the upper search box.

Scanning External Hard Drive

Step 3. Select the target files, and click Recover x files to get them back.

Recover Download Folder


Now that you have known how to recover accidentally deleted Kindle book by the above methods. Here we strongly recommend you use MyRecover to recover your lost data as it is easy to set up and has professional recovery solutions. Just download it and give it a try!

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