Why Use Hyper-V Backup Solution?

A reliable hyper-V backup solution helps you protect your hyper-V machine and data on it, greatly reducing downtime in the event of a disaster.

Backup Hyper-V Machines Flexibly

The Hyper-V backup software provides you the host or guest level backup for Hyper-V VMs, and protect the physical and virtual machine workloads.

Ready for Hyper-V Disaster Recovery

Restore Hyper-V VMs immediately to minimize the downtime. And provide reliable data continuity and availability for your business.

Instant Granular Recovery

Search specific files, folders, application objects (for Microsoft Exchange, SQL etc), emails etc and restore quickly. You don’t have to restore the entire hyper-V machine.

Full VM Recovery

Recover entire hyper-v VM from a backup file to its previous state. The recovered hyper-V VM contains OS, configuration, application, personal data and system state.

Instant VM Recovery

Boot a failed hyper-V VM from a compressed and deduplicated backup file, then your VM will be running in minutes.

Universal Restore

Perform a quick and easy hyper-V to hyper-V migration with Universal Restore feature, even with different hardware.


Unanimously Praised

The Hyper-V backup software is based on what we've experienced so far, and quite reliable in many ways. Almost all of things that we needed are properly provided so we were able to complete without difficulties, such as Hyper-V replica, backup and restore. And it has the most comprehensive compatibility with any devices and environments so I'm sure this will satisfy you guys in all aspects.

---Sebastian, IT Engineer, Services Industry

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