4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Without SIM

What if your current SIM card is not compatible with your new iPhone? You can try these following four ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without SIM.


By Demi / Updated on December 14, 2023

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How to move contacts without a sim card from Android to iPhone

I cannot seem to get my Android phone contacts on my iPhone 12. I have tried everything that was suggested. How can I transfer contacts from Android to my new iPhone?

- Question from Apple Community

If you just get a new iPhone, you may have difficulty transferring data from Android to iPhone due to the different operating systems.

You don’t need to be upset, since this guide will offer you four effective ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without SIM card.

Way 1. Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone via Google sync

The first way is to make use of a cloud service - Google. Luckily, both Android and iPhone support using Google account to sync contacts. Therefore, this solution only works when you have synced contacts on your Android. The steps below are how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without SIM card.

Sync contacts on your Android to Google
On your Android phone, go to Settings > Choose Account > Sign in with your Google account and toggle on Sync Contacts. Then, the backup will start automatically.

Sync contacts from Google to your iPhone
Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mail > Account > Add Account > Choose Google.

Step 2. Follow the onscreen instruction to enter your ID and password and tap Next > Toggle on the icon next to the Contacts > Tap Save to confirm.

Email Sync Contacts

Obviously, you cannot know when the task will finish, all you can do is to refresh the Contacts app of your iPhone to check if your contacts have been synced completely.

Way 2. Manually import contacts from Android to iPhone with VCF files

You can also transfer contacts from Android to iPhone after setup with VCF files. In this way, you can manually export contacts from the Android phone in VCF format. You can make it with the following tutorials.

Export contacts from Android
Step 1. Go to Contacts app > Tap gear icon or the three dots menu to locate and select Manage Contacts.

Step 2. Tap Import/Export contacts > Choose Export to storage.

In this way, your contacts will be saved in your Android phone in VCF format. Then, you can send yourself an email and open it on your iPhone.

Android Export Contacts To USB Storage

Add contacts to iPhone
Open the Mail app to check the email > Tap to open the VCF file > Choose Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact according to your needs.

Email Vcard To iPhone

Way 3. Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone by Move to iOS

Move to iOS is an official data migration tool issued by Apple, which helps you transfer all data from Android to iPhone automatically. However, it is more suitable to transfer files from Android to a brand-new iPhone by Move to iOS, which means Move to iOS cannot be used once the iPhone has been set up.

If you haven’t set up or used your iPhone, follow the steps below to transfer everything including contacts from Android to iPhone by Move to iOS.

Step 1. On your Android phone, download and install the Move to iOS app and open it > Tap Continue > Tap Agree after reading the terms and conditions > Tap Next.

Step 2. On your iPhone, set up it until you access the screen App & Data > Choose Move Data from Android > Continue > Wait for a six-digit or ten-digit code to appear.

Move Data From Android

Step 3. On your Android, enter the code > When accessing the screen Transfer Data, choose the wanted contents and tap Next.

When the task is over, you can see the loading bar on your iPhone. Then you can check whether you have succeeded in transferring files. How long Move to iOS takes depends on the WiFi condition and the number of data you’d like to transfer.

Way 4. Move selective data from Android to iOS devices using FoneTool

To make things simpler and faster, it is recommended to try the skilled transfer software - FoneTool. Without the influence of the Internet, FoneTool provides you with a fast speed to transfer data from Android to iPhone selectively and wirelessly.

The following are also what you can benefit from FoneTool:
✓ Stable and fast transfer process. It offers a fast and stable transfer process. Even if you transfer many files all at once, it can make it in seconds.
✓ No data loss. During the transferring process, the data on your Android phone won’t take any risk of losing. Besides, the size of files like photos won’t be compressed.
✓ Wide compatibility. FoneTool supports most models of iPhone from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 15 series, as well as different types of iPad and iPod. It’s also perfectly compatible with different versions of iOS.

Now, let’s transfer contacts from Android to iOS devices using FoneTool.

Step 1. Download FoneTool for Android and FoneTool for iPhone. Open FoneTool on two devices > Allow the tool to use WLAN. (No need to connect to Wi-Fi, just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option.)

Step 2. On your Android phone, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to iOS and scan the QR code using your iPhone to connect two devices.

connect to iOS

Step 3. On your Android phone, Go to File Transfer > Tap Contacts from the menu bar to preview and select the contacts you'd like to transfer > Tap Send to confrim.

tap send contacts

Step 4. On your iPhone, tap Confirm to receive contacts from Android phone. When it is complete, you can go to the iPhone Contacts app to have a check.

👍 Multiple functions. FoneTool also offers you a desktop version. You can utilize it to easily manage files on your iOS devices on Windows PC. Besides the transfer function, you can also backup iPhone to PC in two ways. Just click the icon below to download and install FoneTool to have a try.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download


That’s all about transferring contacts from Android to iPhone without SIM card. You can rely on cloud service, Mail, or trustworthy apps. For more information, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to contacts us or leave your comment below.

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