Easily Fix “Move to iOS Did Not Transfer Contacts” with Three Methods

This post mainly gives three methods to fix Move to iOS did not transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. If you failed to transfer all your contacts via Move to iOS, you can find effective solutions here.


By Ellie / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Move to iOS app (Android) did not transfer all contacts to iPhone 

“I recently gifted my mother a new iPhone SE. She is using a Nexus 5 and in order to make the transition easier, I used the Move to iOS app on her old phone to transfer everything to iPhone. Everything works fine but Move to iOS not transferring contacts. I think only 20% of her contacts probably came. The transfer process was never interrupted or no issues happened. How do I make sure all contacts are transferred? If this doesn’t work then what alternate option do I have to transfer his contacts?”

iPhone Contacts Icon

Why my Move to iOS app (Android) did not transfer all contacts to iPhone

Move to iOS app is a fantastic tool for assisting us with the transition from Android to iOS. However, users may occasionally encounter the Move to iOS app (Android) did not transfer all contacts to iPhone issue. This issue can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, if your WiFi is in excellent working order or not, as both Android and iOS devices require Wi-Fi for Move to iOS, whether Move to iOS supports your Android and iOS device versions, and whether your iOS device has enough space for the incoming data.

How to fix Move to iOS did not transfer contacts

As we know, it’s quite easy to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. If you need to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, you may need to help of a third-party tool, for example, Move to iOS. But sometimes, we may encounter a “Move to iOS did not transfer contacts” problem. Here in this part, we’ll give your three methods to fix this problem.

Method 1. Check the available space on your iOS device

When you find that your Move to iOS app did not transfer contacts or all contacts to your iPhone from your Android but other data has been successfully transferred, then you need to check whether it is because your iOS device has inadequate space. Make sure that your Android content doesn’t exceed the available space on your iOS device. You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check whether your iPhone storage is full.

Method 2. Sync contacts through an email account

If you have stored your contacts on an email account on your Android device, then you can sync those contacts to the iPhone by adding the email account on your iPhone. We’ll take a Google account as an example here.

On your iPhone, go to the Settings > Locate and choose Contacts > Tap Accounts > Then tap Add Account > Choose Google to sign in with your account and password. Now, all your contacts will be on the iPhone.

Add Google Mail Account

Method 3. Transfer contacts via free iOS data transfer tool

Finally, transfer contacts with FoneTool, the professional iOS data transfer expert for Windows PCs. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. In addition, you are also able to transfer contacts from iPhone to the computer.

  • Select contacts to transfer. It allows you to transfer selected contacts only to avoid unnecessary contacts.
  • No WiFi or cellular data needed. When you use it to transfer contacts from your computer to your iPhone, it doesn’t require your iPhone to be connected to WiFi or cellular data.
  • Fast transfer speed. It has a fast transfer speed, faster than most transfer tools on the market.

The whole process of transferring contacts from Android to iPhone has been divided into the following two parts. Follow the steps below.

Part 1. Export contacts from Android to computer

Step 1. Open Contacts app on your Android. Find Manage Contacts in the menu > Import/Export > Export to USB storage. Then your contact will be saved in a VCF form on your Android phone.

Android Export Contacts to USB Storage

Tip: The interfaces may be different for different types of phones, try to find these icons patiently.

Step 2. Connect your Android to the computer with a stable USB cable. On your computer, find your device and go to the internal storage. Find the VCF file, drag it, and drop it to your computer.

vcf File in Computer

Part 2. Transfer contacts from computer to iPhone via FoneTool

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and then open FoneTool.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. Go to Phone Transfer, locate PC to iPhone option, and then click Start Transfer.

Transfer to iPhone

Step 3. Click the box area, then choose the VCF file you stored before. Then click Start Transfer. After this, all the contacts in that file will be transferred to your iPhone.

Note: In addition to contacts, you are also allowed to transfer photos, music, and videos from your computer to your iPhone.


This post mainly gives you three methods to fix Move to iOS did not transfer contacts issue. First, you need to make sure that your iPhone has enough space for the contacts transferred. Second, if your contacts have been stored on an email account, then you can add the account on your iPhone to sync contacts. Finally, you can use the free FoneTool to transfer contacts saved on your computer to your iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that FoneTool is also a professional iOS data backup tool, which allows you to backup all your important data on your iPhone to your computer.   

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