[3 Ways] How to Merge Messages from Two iPhones

Wondering how to merge messages from two iPhone? You can try the three methods in this guide to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud or powerful third-party backup & transfer tool.


By Demi / Updated on June 12, 2024

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“How do I merge my messages on my new iPhone?”


Merging messages from 2 iPhones

Until now, I have 2 iPhones with 2 different phone numbers but same Apple ID. I want to know if it is possible to merge messages and other data in other, not to lose anything valuable. If so, how the procedure would be?

- Question from Apple Community


Merge texts on two iPhones

Is it possible to merge text messages on two iPhones which have two different Apple ID and iCloud accounts? I haven’t done so, in fear of messing things up. Does anyone have experience with this?

- Question from Reddit

Merging messages from two iPhones can be essential when you want to have all your conversations conveniently located in a single device. Whether it's preserving memories, streamlining communication, or decluttering your digital space, merging messages is a valuable endeavor.

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In this article, we'll explore three effective methods to merge messages from two iPhones. No matter whether you are using the same Apple ID on two iPhones or not, you will find a way out. Let’s get started.

Merge messages from two iPhones with iCloud

When it comes to transferring messages from one iPhone to another using iCloud, you have two potential methods to consider. For transferring iMessages exclusively, activating iMessage sync suffices. For transferring both iMessages and text messages, you can opt for Messages in iCloud.

For iCloud message transfer between iPhones, they must use the same Apple ID. If you're transferring messages between different Apple IDs, refer to Part 2 for the method.

Way 1. Merge iMessages from two iPhones with iCloud

If you just want to merge iMessages, iCloud offers a built-in solution to help you. You can turn on iMessage Sync on both iPhones and follow the steps below to know how to merge messages on iPhone.

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone > Scroll down to tap Messages > Turn on iMessage.

Step 2. Tap Send & Receive option > Make sure that the Apple ID used for iMessage is correct > Confirm the phone number and email address to send/receive messages.

send and receive

Way 2. Transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud syncing

From iOS 12 onward, Apple reintroduced iCloud syncing for Messages. When enabled, your iMessages and text messages get uploaded to iCloud. This means you can access them on any device that uses the same Apple account.

Step 1. Make sure the two iPhones are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. On both of your iPhones, go to Settings [your name] > iCloud.

Step 3. Scroll down to locate Messages > Toggle on the switch next to it.

message sync

◆ Note: You should know that if you enable Messages sync in iCloud, your Messages will be uploaded to iCloud and they aren’t included in your backup.

An easier way to merge messages from iPhone to iPhone

To transfer text messages to new iPhone without iCloud or between different Apple ID, here comes another tool to do you a favor. That is FoneTool.

As an easy-to-use data backup & transfer tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, it offers a quick way to help you transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud.

Compared with iCloud, FoneTool has got these features:
No Apple ID restriction. Feel free to transfer wanted files among iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computer without Apple ID limitation.
No previous data loss. The process won’t delete or overwrite previous data on your target iPhone.
Visible and selective transfer process. Different from iCloud, you will have clear idea of what will be transferred to the target iPhone.
Fast and stable merge process. With a USB connection between your iPhone and computer, you will enjoy a fast and stable merge process, which iCloud cannot offer you.

Now, free download FoneTool to computer, and follow two steps to complete the transfer: 1. Backup messages on iPhone A → 2. Restore the backup files to iPhone B.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Backup messages on iPhone A
• Connect iPhone A to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool, and choose Phone Backup > Selective Backup.

selective backup

• Check Messages > Preview and choose the wanted messages you’d like to transfer to another iPhone > Click OK to confirm.

select messages

• Click Backup Storage Path to select the backup path > Click Start Backup button to start backing up your messages.

backup messages

Step 2. Restore the backup files to iPhone B
Unplug your iPhone A and connect your iPhone B to computer > Go to the Backup History screen > Click the Restore option, and then your messages would be transferred to the target phone.

restore to device

Note: If you want to transfer messages and other files with one click, the iPhone to iPhone Transfer tool can help you with this.


To consolidate your conversations, it is a wise choice to merge messages from two iPhones. Whether you choose iCloud syncing or the FoneTool approach, each method offers a way to achieve the goal of transferring your messages.

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