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I lost contacts on iPhone

Contacts disappeared from iPhone after iOS 13.1.2 update

I just updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 13.1.2, but after I restarted it, some of the contacts were missing from my iPhone. I really need my contacts back. Anyone could tell me how to retrieve the lost iPhone contacts?

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Contacts are always so important on iPhone. After all, no one wants to suddenly lose contact with others. iPhone has been often thought as a secure place for information, but sometimes it could also bring trouble to users.

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Except for physical reasons like a broken iPhone or lost iPhone, iPhone data could also disappear because of system glitches, especially when users update iOS.

Since you still want the disappearing contacts back, you could try the methods in the following section to recover iPhone contacts.

How do you get contacts back on iPhone?

In most cases, losing iPhone contacts is often caused by updating, jailbreaking, or factory resetting iPhone without backup. There are all the possible ways to retrieve them.

Solution 1. Wait for iCloud downloading contacts

After you update iPhone to the latest iOS, some of the content needs to be downloaded from iCloud again. Users have reported that all the pictures in Messages disappear. After connecting iPhone to a better Wi-Fi, those pictures come back.

You need to check the network conditions on iPhone, too.

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Solution 2. Turn on iCloud Contacts

How to recover contacts from iCloud?

iCloud is very convenient for storing contacts, but this option could be automatically disabled when you update iPhone. You need to automatically turn on iCloud Contacts.

In addition, you have the change to get contacts back by re-enabling iCloud Contacts.

1. Go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud

2. Turn off Contacts and select Keep on My iPhone

3. Turn on Contacts and select Merge.

Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac

Solution 3. Check and recover contacts from the web

It is hard to tell whether contacts have been uploaded to iCloud, but it would be very obvious on the web.

1. Open your browser on computer and go to

2. Sign in the right Apple ID you used on iPhone

3. Select Contacts and then you could view all the contacts you have saved to iCloud.

If you haven’t found the contacts there, you could recover the mistakenly deleted contacts on the web.

1. Click your name in the upper-right corner and expand the settings

2. Select Account Settings

3. Scroll this page to the bottom and click Restore Contacts to recover lost iPhone contacts.

iCloud Advanced

Solution 4. Restore contacts from iCloud backup

Have you ever saved a full iPhone backup to iCloud? Your contacts might be saved in that backup.

You could view the professional download tool EaseUS iCloud backup extractor. You could use this software to view iCloud backup content for free. If you find the missing contacts, you could extract the contacts to computer then.

1. Download EaseUS iCloud backup extractor to computer

2. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup and sign in your Apple ID

3. Select the iCloud backup and view the content.

You could also restore iPhone from iCloud backup to get the contacts back, but you will lose everything on iPhone now.

Easeus Download iCloud Backup

Solution 5. Extract contacts from iTunes backup

iTunes could also store contacts in a full iPhone backup. You need to open iTunes > click Edit > select devices to see whether there is an available iPhone backup on PC. iMyFone iTransor Lite will help you view contacts in iTunes backup for free. If there are the lost contacts, you could also use it to extract them to computer.

1. Download and install iMyFone iTransor Lite on PC

2. Select Extract Data from Backup and wait for it scanning iTunes backup

3. Check contacts in iTunes backup.

Solution 6. Recover Contacts from other apps

You need to remember all the app you have installed on iPhone, like Google Drive, or Google Contacts. All the apps which stores your contacts in the sever could help you retrieve contacts.

iMyfone View iTunes Photos

Tips: Easily backup iPhone contacts to computer

The worse thing is that when you send someone a text message, the contact would disappear immediately.

To make iPhone contacts always safe, you’d better keep a copy on PC. The best software to backup iPhone contacts to PC is AOMEI MBackupper. You could copy iPhone contacts to computer easily and quickly and view them on computer at any time you wish.

  • Free Software: You could extract unlimited iPhone contacts from iPhone.

  • Select Contacts: You could select needed iPhone contacts to transfer.

  • Easily View: You could view iPhone contacts on computer by one click.

  • Widely Compatible: You could extract contacts from all the iPhone including iPhone 11/SE 2020.

Download AOMEI MBackupper to computer and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to AOMEI MBackupper and select Custom Backup

Custom Backup

Step 2. Click Contacts icon to preview and select iPhone contacts. ClicK OK

Select iPhone Data

Step 3. Click Start Backup to quickly save selected iPhone contacts to computer

Click Start Backup


Losing iPhone contacts could be a severe problem. If you lost iPhone contacts because of updating iPhone or other reasons, you can use the 6 methods to easily fix the issue.

AOMEI MBackupper is the best solution for you to protect iPhone contacts. By moving contacts from iPhone to computer, you could always retrieve the missing contacts after bad things happen.

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