Best iPod Backup Software| Backup iPod Touch to Computer

This detailed tutorial offers you the best iPod backup software and several feasible ways to backup iPod Touch to computer.


By Penny / Updated on May 31, 2024

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What is the best iPod backup software?

As with other iPod models, the iPod Touch permits you to play games, take photos, text messages, and enjoy Apple music offline. At the moment, you’re supposed to backup iPod Touch regularly if you want larger storage space. More importantly, an accessible iPod Touch backup could save you from data loss.


Without a doubt, using pleasant backup software is the most efficient way to back up data. But how to select? Let’s figure out the necessities for the best backup iPod Touch software. These are functionality, flexibility, compatibility, and user experience.

Practice proves that FoneTool can meet the above criteria. The professional backup and transfer software allows you to perform data backup and data transmission. Please have a closer look at its attractive features below.

❥Functionality: For backup: “Full Backup” or “Custom Backup”. For transfer: Transfer all/partial data from iPhone to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/PC.

❥Flexibility: You’re allowed preview and select your needed files in any scenario and restore your iPhone without erasing the existing data.

❥Compatibility: It supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 13 and it is compatible with the latest iOS 15.

❥User experience: Well-designed user interface and clear guidelines could render users a better experience. Moreover, it’s stable and fast.

Now let’s do it in practice after learning about these functions. Please scroll down.

Backup iPod Touch with the best iPod backup software

How to backup iPod Touch to computers? There’re two options for backup: “Full Backup” and “Custom Backup.” Please refer to the corresponding steps for each backup.

Option 1. Make a full iPod Touch backup

Step 1. Install and launch FoneTool on your PC. Then connect your iPod Touch to the computer.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Under the Phone Backup tab, select “Full Backup” and click "Get Started" on the home screen.


Step 3. Click “Full Backup” to back up all the iPod Touch data on your PC.


Step 4. If you need, you can enable “Backup encryption”. Select a new location to save this full backup and click the “Start Backup” button to start the backup process. Please wait patiently.


Option 2. Make a selective iPod Touch backup

This option aims to make a partial iPod Touch backup via FoneTool. You’re allowed to back up music, photos, videos, messages, and contacts. Let’s take music as an example.

Step 1. Under the Phone Backup tab, select the “Selective Backup” option on the home screen.


Step 2. Select “Music” and click the “Start Backup” button to backup the songs you want.


Step 3. Preview your selected songs. Then click the “OK” button.


Step 4. After the backup process, you’ll see the backup.


How to back up iPod Touch to computer with iTunes

Is there any other way to backup iPod Touch? It turns out there is. iTunes is a good helper for users to restore iPod Touch because the iTunes backup nearly includes all the data and settings on your iOS devices.

However, you need to pay attention to another three points. Please think twice before you’re going to backup iPod Touch to the computer with iTunes.   

You cannot access your iTunes backup before restoring.   
iTunes only supports the full backup, and it will take a long time to finish the backup process.
The iTunes backup will replace the existing data saved on the iPod Touch.

Step 1. Download the latest iTunes for Windows and connect your iPod Touch to your PC.

Step 2. Click the iPhone” icon > “Summary” > “This Computer” > “Back Up Now”. The size of your iPhone will determine the process of backup.


Q&A about iPod Touch data backup and transfer

How to backup iPod Touch without iTunes?

If you don’t want to backup iPod Touch with iTunes, you can backup iPod Touch with iCloud because Apple offers free 5GB iCloud storage for users. Moreover, if you don’t want to be subjected to limited storage space, you could upgrade your iCloud storage by paying for it.

Go to “Settings” > enter your name > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup” > enable “iCloud Backup” > “Back UP Now”.


Compared with iCloud, perhaps you will be more inclined to the freeware FoneTool without paying to create a full backup.

How to transfer data from iPod to iPod?

If you’ve bought a new iPod, you may be eager to transfer data from the old iPod to the new iPod. Besides, sharing your favorites (music, videos, or others) with your friends also needs to transfer data.

For these two scenarios, you can utilize FoneTool, the iPod to iPod transfer software to transfer everything/selective data from iPod to iPod. How about transferring all the data? Please refer to the steps.

Step 1. Connect two iPods to the computer and “Trust This Computer” on them. Then click “iPhone to iPhone” transfer after launching this software. 


Step 2. You’ll see the source iPod and the target iPod on the window. Then click the “Start Transfer” button.


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