Solved: iPhone Calendar Not Syncing with iPad | 3 Methods

Meet the “iPhone calendar not syncing with iPad” issue but do not know how to deal with it? This guide can help you with different solutions.


By Zoey / Updated on May 31, 2024

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iPhone Calendar Not Syncing with iPad?

Users can usually sign in to the same Apple ID on both the iPhone and iPad and enable calendar syncing via iCloud, so they can share the same calendar and notes on the iPad. However, many users meet some problems and ask why are my contacts not syncing between iPhone and iPad, or why iPhone calendar not syncing with iPad. If you encounter the “iPad and iPhone calendar not syncing" issue, you can check some troubleshooting tips to fix such a problem first:

  • Check the date and time on your iPhone and iPad are correct. If they are wrong on your devices, your iCloud may not sync the calendar.
  • Check the storage space of your iCloud. Your iPhone calendar will not be synced if your iCloud storage is not enough.
  • Check if your iCloud Calendar system is up and running on Apple’s site.
  • Check if you sign into the same Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Check the network connection.

How to Fix the “iPhone Calendar not syncing” issue

To fix the “iPhone calendar not syncing with iPad” issue, you can try the methods below one by one:

Method 1. Restart Calendar Sync

A reset action may be useful for the “calendars not syncing between iPhone and iPad” error. You can try it with the steps below:

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone, and tap on your name.

2. Select iCloud to toggle Calendars off, then toggle it on again.

Toggle On Calendar

Method 2. Make Calendar Sync for All Accounts

Make sure that your iPhone and iPad can receive calendar data from all your accounts. You can check it according to the guide:

1. Go to Settings > Calendar. Choose the Accounts option.

Select Calendar Accounts

2. Select an account. Then toggle Calendars on.

Turn On Calendar For Accounts

Method 3. Restart Your Devices

In most cases, restarting your devices can solve the problem. So you can try rebooting your iPhone and iPad to fix the “calendar on iPhone and iPad not syncing” issue.

If the “my iPad calendar is not syncing with my iPhone” issue cannot be fixed, you can try the more efficient calendar syncing method we provide you.

3 Ways to Sync iPhone Calendar with iPad

Maybe you are going to switch data to your new iPad. In addition, there is much information on your calendar as well. To sync iPhone calendar with iPad, or sync iPad calendar with iPhone, the two common methods are to use iCloud and iTunes. But you cannot select data to sync with these two tools, so we prepared another effective method for you to sync iPhone and iPad.

Way 1. Sync iPhone Calendar with iPad via FoneTool

Here we prepared the professional iOS data transfer and backup software - FoneTool, which can help you transfer all data or selected data. It can work on Windows PC and support all iPhone and iPad models.

If you need to sync iPhone calendar with iPad, or sync other types of data like photos, messages, contacts, and app data files, you can consider using the Custom Backup feature in FoneTool. Here are detailed steps to sync iPhone calendar with iPad with it:

1. Download FoneTool on your Windows PC. Run it and connect your iPhone to the PC.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Choose Selective Backup in the Phone Backup tab.

Custom Backup

3. Next, you can see different app icons, just select the items you need to transfer. After choosing, click Start Backup.

Click Backup

4. Then disconnect your iPhone, and connect your iPad to the PC. Go to the Backup History interface to choose Restore to sync data to your iPad.

Restore To Device

⇒ Note: Wanna transfer all data from iPhone to iPad? Here is also a quick method to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone wirelessly. It will help you transfer data between two iOS devices with just one click. If you want to try it, follow the steps below:

1. Launch FoneTool on your Windows PC. Connect your iPhone and iPad to the PC.

2. On the main page, select Phone Transfer to go to iPhone to iPhone Transfer.

Iphone To Iphone Transfer

3. Choose your iPhone as the source device, and choose your iPad as the target device. Enable backup encryption to protect data. After that, click Start Transfer to sync data from iPhone to iPad.

Start Transfer

With its powerful feature, you can also easily access your iCloud/iCloud Drive data from iCloud. Just go to My iCloud > Log in with your Apple ID to continue. To upload, download or delete iCloud data, choose Manage iCloud to make it. To move iCloud data from one account to another, just choose iCloud sync to accomplish the task.

manage and sync iCloud

Way 2. Sync iPhone Calendar via iCloud

You can also choose to use iCloud if you do not have a computer now but maybe you will meet the “ iPad and iPhone calendar not syncing” issue likewise. If you want to use iCloud, follow the steps below;

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone, and click your name to choose iCloud.

2. Then you can see different app icons including Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Notes, etc, just switch one on if you want to sync it with iCloud. For example, you can save iPhone text messages with iCloud.

Icloud Messages

Way 3. Sync iPhone Calendar via iTunes

If you meet the “calendars not syncing between iPhone and iPad” issue in iCloud, you may turn to using iTunes. Likewise, iTunes can help you backup data as well. With iTunes, you can sync your iPhone to the PC but you cannot view the backup copy. And restoration with iTunes will erase all the existing data on your iPad. If you have some data on the iPad, remember to save files you need. Here is the guide to using iTunes to sync data:

1. Download and install iTunes on your PC, then connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

2. Select the phone-shape icon and Summary on the left menu.

3. Then select Back Up Now to backup your iPhone with iTunes. When it completes the backup task, disconnect your iPhone to the computer.

4. Then connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable. Click on Summary > Restore Backup, and choose the right iPhone backup.


Written in the End

If you meet the “iPhone calendar not syncing with iPad” issue, we hope this post will be helpful for you. In addition to iCloud and iTunes, you can consider using FoneTool as well. It can help you sync all data or selected data at a high speed.

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