iPad and iPad Mini: 3 Biggest Highlights

This post will demonstrate the 3 biggest highlights of the new iPad and iPad mini 2021.


By Dylan / Updated on June 9, 2023

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In this Apple event, the new Standard iPad and iPad mini came out.

Ipad Mini 6

For a long time, iPad can be your first Apple’s products. And this time, the new iPad 9th generation come with the A13 chip, which is expected to perform well in study.

In contrast, the iPad mini has a significant upgrade. With the new ID design and A15 chip, the new iPad mini is expected to popular for gamers, medical researchers, and so on.

1. Cost-effective iPad

The standard iPad comes with an A13 Bionic chip, but the price is the same as the predecessor, which is undoubtedly good for some users with limited budgets.

Besides, the screen of the iPad has also been completely upgraded. Compared with the previous generation iPad, the new iPad screen supports the True Tone display technology, which will automatically adjust the screen display according to the ambient color temperature to ensure that we can get the most comfortable picture in a different light.

Apple also brings some new features to iPad 2021. For example, the Center Stage. In FaceTime and many video apps, centering the person ensures that the person is always in the center of the screen during a video call, and makes for a more engaging chat.

The same as the previous generation, the new iPad also supports Apple Pencil and keyboard, so if you want a more complete iPad experience, I think these accessories are also essential.

2. New design Touch ID

I believe the iPad mini 6 will be on the must-have list of lots of users for 2021 because of some huge updates on it.

Now iPad mini 6 is using the full-view display with an 8.3 inches size, while the screen brightness is up to 500nit and also supports True Tone display. It can be said that it is almost like the iPad Air screen was shrunk and put on the iPad mini.

In addition, the iPad mini also supports USB-C ports, so it can enjoy the richness of the USB-C ecosystem. With different accessory combinations, we can also experience the full performance of iPad mini.

But unlike the iPad Air, the volume buttons on the iPad mini are also designed to be on top of the body. Many users are curious about this design, but in fact, when we see the design on the right side of iPad mini we can see some clues: this is to reserve more space for Apple Pencil.

3. A15 and 5G performance

Lots of people thought Apple wouldn't use a great chip on the iPad mini. However, with the arrival of the new design, iPad mini's performance has been significantly improved. This time, the iPad mini supports the latest A15 Bionic chip, a 5nm chip that is currently the most powerful of Apple's A-series chips for mobile use.


In addition to the A15 bionic chip, another big upgrade to the iPad mini is support for 5G networks. When the previous generation-iPad mini 5 was released, many users around me prioritized the purchase of the cellular version of the product. On the one hand, because the cellular network support makes the iPad mini truly "complete", and on the other hand, to meet the needs of some gamers "always online".

When it comes to playing games, the new generation of iPad mini has also made a number of improvements. First, the new iPad mini introduces dual speakers, and a fuller sense of hearing when playing games in landscape can give us a better experience. Second, the new iPad mini also features a USB-C interface, which not only makes charging more convenient but also allows us to enjoy the rich ecology offered by USB-C.

Who should I buy for the new iPad?

If you're a student and want to use your iPad for online classes, I'd recommend the standard l iPad because it's a good enough experience for every day, and the larger screen is more friendly for online classes. It's also more affordable, so you don't need to pay too much to build an online class set.

So, which users are more suitable for iPad mini?

Personally, I think users who want to go out and use it as they go can buy the new iPad mini. it is thin and light, so it can easily be put into a bag; it supports 5G cellular network, so it can ensure that we are always online; it can also be used with Apple Pencil, so it can be used anywhere, anytime, and there is no limit to creativity!

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