Proven Solutions: Can't Add Outlook Account to iPhone/iPad

You can't add outlook account to iPhone/iPad when you want to sync your school or work outlook email to iOS device. This guide will explain why and how.


By Dylan / Updated on August 18, 2023

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Can't add Outlook account to iPhone.

I'm trying to add my work Outlook account to my iPhone but it won't let me and says that it can't find my email address/account?

Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks!

- Question from Apple Community

Have you ever encountered the same problem as this user or other similar issue like can’t add Gmail account to iPhone/iPad? Don't worry, this guide will give you the solutions. Before that, let's find out some possible reasons for “unable to add Outlook account to iPhone or iPad”.

Why can't add Outlook account to iPhone/iPad?

Generally speaking, there are several possible reasons for this problem.

★ A poor network connection may prevent you from signing into outlook on your iPhone or iPad.
★ Outlook account is not authenticated to add to iOS email.
★ Enter the wrong outlook account password, and email address.
★ Outlook POP and IMAP is not enabled.
★ Two-step verification is turned on.

Fortunately, failing to add outlook account is not a rare issue, you can fix it effortlessly using the methods described in the next section.

Five solutions to fix cannot add Outlook account to iPhone/iPad

Note: Before we get started, you can try again with a correct outlook account password or email address/name and a good internet connection.

🔎Check POP and IMAP You need to make sure the IMAP and POP are enabled. Otherwise, you can't add Outlook email to your iPhone/iPad.
💿 Diable two-steps verification Two-step verification requires you to enter a security code every time you sign in. That may result in you can't add Outlook email.
✏Add account from app Log in Outlook account to iPhone/iPad and download the Outlook app from the App store. 
🔧Add Exchange account When failed to add an Outlook account, you can consider adding an Exchange account instead.

1#. Check if POP and IMAP is enabled

Turning on outlook's POP and IMAP settings allows you to sync contacts, calendars or emails to your iPhone/iPad. If IMAP and POP is disabled, you can’t add outlook email to iPhone/iPad. Follow the steps below to turn on.

Step 1. Go to the, click Settings in the top-right corner and search for “pop”, tap POP and IMAP.

choose outlook pop imap

Step 2. Under the POP and IMAP options, select Yes.

select yes under pop imap

2#. Turn off two-step verification

If two-step verification is enabled, every time you sign in on another device, you'll receive a security code for your email, phone, or authenticator app, which may result can't verify outlook account on iPhone. So, to sign in outlook account to iPhone/iPad, you need to turn it off.

Step 1. Go to the, sign in with your account.

Step 2. Click Security option, and tap Two-step verification.

two step verification

Step 3. Scroll down to turn off it under the Additional security.

turn off two step verification

3#. Add account to iPhone/iPad from Outlook app

Another possible way to log in outlook account to iPhone/iPad is to download Outlook app from App Store to sign in and then add iOS device on the app.

4#. Reset Outlook account

If you still can’t sign into outlook on iPhone/iPad with above methods, you can try to reset the outlook account. Sometimes resetting an outlook email account can refresh email addresses, names, or other information that needs to be synced. So you can put in a new account to iPhone/iPad.

5#. Add Exchange account

There are many ways to add to iPhone/iPad email, such as iCloud, Yahoo, BT, Exchange and Gmail. If you can't add outlook account to iPhone/iPad, consider adding an Exchange account instead.

Exchange is a mail and calendar server, can be paired with any email client, and Outlook Primarily used for email, enables users to manage calendars, tasks, contacts and more from a single interface. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any meaningful difference between Exchange and Outlook.

Tap Settings > Scroll to and select Accounts & Passwords > click Add Account > choose Microsoft Exchange.

choose exchange


That's all there is to the five solutions you can't add Outlook account to iPhone or iPad. Hope your trouble can be solved by one of them and you can share it to help more people. 

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