Why backup Microsoft Exchange Server and database?

Complete and reliable Exchange Server backup tool

Backup Mailboxes to PST

With AOMEI Exchange Backup, it’s easy to backup multiple exchange mailboxes to PST files. And you can backup archive mailboxes and shares mailboxes to PST, as well as save public folder data to PST. All you want is available.

Restore Mailboxes From Backup

You can restore a PST file back to Exchange with AOMEI Exchange Backup.You can opt any of the available options that suits your requirement. The filters are same for both the backup and restore processes.

Generate the Log Report

After completing the whole process, there will be a full report provides you details of the process. It includes Folder name, item count, Processes Item, filtered Items, Failed items and Status, and so on.

Item Filter

With the option of item filter, it’s easy to back up and restore the data as per your needs. You can filter items on the basis of keywords, time frames and other item attributes. And also, you can backup / restore / export specified folders.

Automatic Backup

Once you setup a schedule backup task, the task will automatically run in time. Along with scheduling you will also get multiple options like Specific, Weekly, Monthly or Daily Backup. Plus, you will receive an E-mail notification to ensure that the process succeeds or fails after a scheduled task has been completed.

Incremental, Full, and Differential Backup

We provide three types of backups, namely incremental backup, full backup and differential backup. We recommend that you perform tasks through incremental backup. But you can choose the best method according to your needs.

Why Choose AOMEI?


Clarence Gay
AOMEI Centralized Backupper is the easiest program to centrally backup numbers of computers, even for novice, but it still includes detailed and powerful options for experts. It combines backup and real-time monitoring, along with an intuitive interface.
Steve Tran
I absolutely love the product. It’s easy to use and cover all my needs! Full & Incremental Backup, and Automatic Backup is so great!
Carlos LaBorde
It is an excellent software for Exchange Server mailboxes’ backup. The awesome technical team always online and help me with all my problems.