How to See Deleted Reddit Images | 4 Efficient Solutions

On this page, you will know how to see deleted Reddit images and posts. 4 useful ways and detailed steps are introduced here.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Is there a way to view deleted Reddit images?


Is there any way to view deleted Reddit images? I have uploaded images to Reddit but they are deleted. Can I see my deleted Reddit images again? How to do it? Thank you in advance!

Reddit is a famous website focused on social news aggregation, content discussion, and rating. You can upload text posts, images, videos to Reddit website and other users will vote up or down for the contents. Any topic can be discussed on the Reddit site. If you're looking for answers to any of your questions, you can also find them in different sections of Reddit.

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However, if you have uploaded images to Reddit but got deleted, and you want to see deleted Reddit images again, there are 4 solutions for you to get Reddit images back. After reading, you can choose one that suits your situation best.

How to see deleted Reddit images: 4 solutions

Many of you ask that can you see deleted pictures on Reddit. If your post is deleted, how to see deleted images on Reddit? We prepared 4 different solutions to recover and see your Reddit images. 3 of them can be operated on website, and another one solution is to use easy image recovery software. Continue looking through the following guidelines and get your Reddit images back quickly.

Solution 1. See deleted Reddit images with Unddit

How to see deleted Reddit images? Generally, you can go to the Unddit website to recover deleted Reddit images and posts. To view deleted Reddit images and posts, please follow the easy operation steps:

1. Go to the Unddit page.

2. Add this link as a bookmark in your browser.

3. Go to the post that contains your deleted Reddit image. And click on the bookmark.

4. Your post containing deleted Reddit image will show up on the archived page.


Solution 2. See deleted Reddit images with Reveddit

You may want to know does Reddit save deleted posts. Though Reddit will not save your deleted posts, but if your Reddit images are deleted by bot or moderator, you can try the Reveddit tool to view your deleted Reddit images. But if your Reddit image is deleted by yourself, Reveddit cannot help you. To use such a tool, here is an easy guideline to use it:

1. Navigate to the Reveddit page.

2. Input any subreddit, post title, or your username in this search box. Then click on go.

3. Reveddit will show deleted posts and you can pick the post that includes your image Reddit image to view.


Solution 3. See deleted Reddit images with Wayback Machine

There is another useful tool on the website that can help you find deleted Reddit posts and images - Wayback Machine. You can follow the easy steps to use Wayback Machine:

1. Head to the Wayback Machine website.

2. Type the URL for your Reddit post or the URL of the subreddit in the search box.

3. Then, Wayback Machine will show you a calendar interface to tell you when it crawled the page. On the original post, you can click on any date and then you can see the version of your post, images, and even comments.

Wayback Machine

Solution 4. See deleted Reddit images via a recovery tool

If you have made backups of your Reddit images or saved them on your computer, how to see deleted Reddit pictures? you can try a reliable recovery tool - MyRecover. No matter what location your Reddit images were saved in, MyRecover can help you to recover and see your deleted images easily and quickly.

In addition, as the best data recovery software, MyRecover has many shining points.

All types of file recovery covered: All formats of images like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and more are supported. And other kinds of data like documents, videos, audios, etc. can be recovered.
Comprehensive scanning methods: Quick Scan and Deep Scan are both provided.
Apply to any data loss situation: MyRecover can get back something you accidentally delete, lost from format, system crashes, virus attacks, and so on.
Available in all versions of Windows system: You can use MyRecover in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

Now, please download and install the MyRecover desktop client on your computer first. Then follow the simple 3-step guideline to see deleted Reddit images and recover them with ease:

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. On this page, hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.

Select Location To Scan

2. Then you can see all your deleted Reddit images and other missing files after Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically. You can type the filename of image in the search box or use the Filter feature to find your images quickly.

Scanning Drive

3. Next, check the scanning result. Choose a new location to store your recovered images. After that, click on the Recover X files button to see and recover deleted Reddit images.

Recover Download Folder

How to see deleted Reddit images on phone

Reddit also provides an app for mobile devices. If your Reddit post and images are deleted, but you can see the thumbnail, you can go to the Subreddits page. Locate your deleted image and tap it to chose Save Image, then the image will be saved in Album on your phone.

Save Images Reddit

The bottom line

That’s all about how to see deleted Reddit images. Fortunately, you can view and get your deleted images back with easy tools on the website. And if you have saved your Reddit images before on computer, you can even recover permanently deleted photos with a professional recovery software called MyRecover.

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