What Is OGM and How to Recover Deleted OGM Files?

Learn to recover deleted OGM files on Windows/Mac via the corresponding methods in this article. Besides, there’s recommended Windows backup utility for you to prevent data loss.


By Penny / Updated on April 3, 2024

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What is an OGM file?

The .ogm extension stands for the Ogg Media (OGM) format and file type. Emerged as an independent expansion of Xiph.org’s Ogg container specification, Ogg Media (OGM) aims to extend codec support to include DirectShow.

Another standout feature of this format is the absence of indexing, allowing for virtually limitless file sizes. And this file format was intentionally designed to facilitate seamless streaming of high-quality videos over the Internet.   


Please pay attention that the OGM file format differs from the one employed by Origin, another data analysis application, as both share the same file extension.

What plays OGM files?

To open and play OGM files, a compatible video player is required. While most popular video players don’t support the OGM file format because its lack of formal endorsement by the Xiph.org Foundation has caused a decline in its popularity.

So it is advisable to verify the video player’s compatibility before trying to open OGM files.

Please refer to the following clicks to play a downloaded OGM file via Windows default player if needed.

» Press Win + E to open File Explorer > click Downloads > right-click on your stored Ogg Media file > select Open with > Windows Media Player.


MPUI also can open OGM files on your Windows. Apart from that, VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, and GOM Player are applicable to Windows and Mac operating systems.  

How to recover deleted OGM files without backups?

To maximize the chances of a successful recovery, consider the following data recovery tips. 

✐ Avoid writing new data to the storage device where the lost OGM files were located.

✐ Initiate the data recovery process promptly to minimize the risk of new files overwriting the deleted or missing OGM files.

✐ For users with TRIM-enabled SSDs, it’s difficult to recover deleted/missing OGM files.

✐ Remember to select a trustworthy data recovery program for a higher file recovery rate if there’s no file backup.

So can you recover deleted OGM files from Recycle Bin after emptying them? Or how to recover deleted video Windows 10 without backups?


In this situation, the most efficient and effort-saving approach is to seek assistance from professional Windows data recovery software like MyRecover.

It has gained popularity because of its powerful features and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface). Released by AOMEI Tech, MyRecover excels in recovering deleted and missing videos (OGM, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, WebM, TS, etc.) from computer hard drives and other local storage devices. 

Video Recovery Software for Windows:
  • High-efficiency: Recover 200+ types of files such as videos, audio, photos, MS Office files, WPS files, folders, compressed files, songs, and websites from HDD, SSD, USB, SD cards, etc.
  • Advanced scanning method: MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files. Specify the filename, saved path, date, or size to filter your needed files.
  • Convenience: Retain the original filename, path, and format for the deleted files.
  • Excellent compatibility: Support NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems and be compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or Sever PC.
Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download   
After video recovery, please save your retrieved OGM files in a new location.
To recover large or more deleted/missing videos from local hard drives, upgrading MyRecover is a better and more cost-effective choice.

Step 1. After launching MyRecover on your Windows> hover the mouse over the C drive > click Scan.


Step 2. MyRecover will automatically run Quick and Deep Scan to scan your selected C drive and display all the recoverable files.

You can preview or filter your wanted OGM files according to Document Type, Name, Path, Size, Date, etc.

  • Name: Type the filenames of your desired files to narrow the search area.
  • Date modified: Set the date (today, yesterday, last 7/30 days, etc.)
  • Size: Filter the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~ 512MB, etc.)


Step 3. Under the Recycle Bin folder, locate the OGM video you want to restore. Then click “Recover x files to start the video recovery process.


Other ways to recover deleted OGM files

But are there feasible ways to recover deleted OGM videos? Of course, there’re. Please read further.

Way 1. Restore accidentally/recently deleted OGM files from temporary storage places

Both Windows and Mac users have the option to restore accidentally or recently deleted OGM files from the Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash, as long as these deleted OGM files haven’t been permanently erased from their respective temporary storage locations.

For Windows:

» Double-click on your desktop Recycle Bin > type “OGM” in the search bar to quickly locate your wanted OGM videos > right-click on one OGM file > Restore it to its previously saved path.


For Mac:

» Open your Mac Trash > locate the deleted TS video you want> right-click on it > choose Put Back.


Way 2. Restore permanently deleted OGM files from backups

As the title suggests, having prepared backups is crucial for this solution to be effective.

If initial recovery attempts prove unsuccessful, Windows or Mac users can retrieve their required OGM files by restoring them from backups made by Windows features or Mac Time Machine.

For Windows:

How to retrieve permanently deleted videos from computers? For Windows operating systems, let’s take Windows Backup and Restore as an example because this feature comes with Windows 7.

By following the on-screen instructions, you can successfully recover your permanently deleted OGM videos.

Step 1. Type “System and Security” in the search bar to open it. Under the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) tab, select the “Restore files from backups” option.


Step 2. Click the “Restore my files” button.


Step 3. Select “Browse for files” to locate your wanted OGM video > click Next.


Step 4. To retrieve your chosen OGM videos to their original location or set a new saved path > click Restore.


For Mac:

Time Machine can automatically generate backups at regular intervals, including hourly, daily, and weekly backups after enabling this feature. Please refer to the following steps if needed.  

Step 1. Open the window where you lost OGM files.

Step 2. Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, find Time Machine, and click Enter Time Machine.


Step 3. Use the up and down arrows to locate the OGM videos you want to restore.


Step 4. Restore” your desired OGM files to their previous location.


Relevant Q&A about OGM files & video recovery

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In addition, there’re some relevant tips about OGM files and video recovery.

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