How to Recover Data from Xbox 360 Hard Drives?

How to recover data from Xbox 360 hard drive? If you need to perform Xbox 360 hard drive recovery, check out this tutorial to get some help.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How do I get data off my Xbox 360 hard drive?

Video games are popular among players worldwide all the time. Famous video game consoles like Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, etc., win reputation and oceans of loyal fans.

Among the list, Xbox is very competitive with its unique features, well-designed enclosure, hard disk, and other hardware; it facilitates players to have a smoother user experience and more fun.

Though, like common storage devices, Xbox hard drives are not problem-proof. For instance, some users have met the Not Enough Space on Xbox error.

One of the most upsetting issues is data loss from the Xbox 360 hard disks.


Xbox 360 Save game recovery


Today I wanted to remove a corrupted Profile and chose to delete the profile and items. Afterwards, I realized that the Xbox deleted all my saved games. Now I’m desperately trying to find a way to recover my deleted saved games.

Does anyone know how to recover deleted files from an Xbox 360 HDD?


- Question from TechSupport


Don't be frustrated if you have deleted/lost files from the Xbox hard drive; this article will guide you with detailed info and instructions on how to recover deleted files on Xbox 360.


How to recover data from Xbox 360 hard drives?

The most efficient way to achieve Xbox 360 hard drive recovery is to remove the hard drive from the console and connect it to a desktop computer to recover data.

Follow the steps below to learn the process. In addition, since the process is pretty risky and might add further damage to data, it is suggested to back up Xbox 360 hard drive first.

Step 1. Remove the Xbox hard drive and connect it to desktop

The Xbox 360 hard drive is a typical 2.5 SATA storage device, a comparable drive found on your PC or laptop. Therefore, it may be linked to any PC using an adapter connection or an HDD docking station.

But the File System that Xbox 360 uses is FATX, which your computer cannot recognize regularly. But don’t worry much; we can help the PC recognize it using specific tools.

Please prepare a compatible SATA to USB cable. 
Please prepare against the risk of static electricity when removing the Xbox hard disk with anti-static gloves or other devices. 
Make sure the Xbox hard drive is unlocked.

Step 1. Prepare a hard drive disk enclosure and cable. Please make sure to choose a compatible USB enclosure.

Step 2. Press the release button on the side > lift it up, and you can remove the hard drive from the Xbox console > use a screwdriver to remove the screws (there are 4 on the top and 4 more under the top) > remove the metal cover and take out the drive.

Step 3. Connect the hard drive to a desktop computer using the cable properly > download XboxHDM23USB to make the computer find the FATX Xbox drive. Thus you can access the Xbox 360 drive.

You could directly access your data if you haven’t lost files from the drive. But if you have deleted/lost files from the Xbox hard disk, you need to perform data recovery using proper techs and tools.


Step 2. Download MyRecover 

With the Xbox 360 HDD available on the desktop device, we can now recover data from Xbox 360 hard drive. In this instance, effective hard drive recovery software will be the key to unlocking the door.

With a tool, you won’t need to worry about causing further damage to the drive and the data. And you can scan and search for deleted & missing files in a breeze.

Among several programs, MyRecover stands out for its unique data recovery features.

MyRecover - Easy Data Recovery Software yes
  • Competitive. MyRecover is developed and supported by the data security industry's benchmark.
  • Convenient. Its simple and clean design makes it easy for all people to operate.
  • Comprehensive. It applies to deletion, formatting, recycling bin emptying, system crashes, viruses, etc.
  • Compatible. It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 SP1/Server.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

You can recover the most frequently used files from internal/external HDD/SSD/USB/SD cards, including images, documents, movies, music, spreadsheets, etc.

Step 3. Start scan

Start MyRecover and hover the mouse over your connected Xbox hard drive. Click Scan.


Tips: If the program still cannot find your disk, check the FAQ page for help.

Step 4. Filter/search/sort/preview needed files

It supports filtering/sorting/searching/previewing your needed files during scanning. For example, to search for game screenshots, click Type below the search bar > choose Images > the detected images will be listed. Click the thumbnail display icon; then, you can preview the files.


When you face photo loss from an external device, try using the filters & the search tool to locate and recover photos from external hard drives.

Step 5. Choose files to restore

With the files detected, you could directly choose files to restore. No matter what you have lost, from game screenshots, replays, game folders, etc., you can search and find them to restore.

For example, some users have met the Terraria Load Failed No Backup Found error. Thus they can use this app to restore the .wld files from the storage folder.

>> Select the wanted files > click Recover x files.


Tips:  Remember to save your recovered data in a location different than the original. Consequently, your data will not be permanently overwritten, corrupted, or lost.

Other methods to recover data from Xbox 360 hard drives

Besides using professional data recovery software, the following quick tricks may also be of some help when the data loss or damage isn’t that severe. These can also assist you to recover deleted data on Xbox One.

1. Restart the Xbox 360

Firstly, try rebooting the Xbox console.

>> Press the Xbox button on the controller and let go > select Restart console > select Restart.

Or, press the Xbox button > Profile & system > Settings > General > Power options > Restart now.


2. Check the logged-in account

Also, the wrong account may be why you fail to find your needed game saves or data.

Check if you have logged into the correct account: go to System > Settings > Account.

3. Check the cloud saves

Xbox Live will be helpful when you fall into the data loss plight. It syncs the game saves to the cloud storage space.

>> Go to the Settings > System > Storage > check the Cloud Saved Games.


Wrapping up

This tutorial helps users recover data from Xbox 360 hard drives. To perform Xbox hard drive recovery, users need a SATA to USB cable, FATX file system card reader, and the professional data recovery tool – MyRecover.

During the recovery process, please stay calm and be careful because it is tricky and may cause more damage to your hard drive.

What’s more, no matter where you have lost game data, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation 4/5, or other platforms, backing up your game data & syncing the data timely are the wisest choice.

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