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How to recover Asus laptop Windows 10 & how to perform Asus data recovery have been detailed in this article, check it out to get help.


By Lora / Updated on April 3, 2024

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“How do I restore my Asus laptop?”

According to Wikipedia, in the first quarter of 2022, Asus has a global market share of 7.1%, ranking sixth worldwide. Asus has various products, including laptops, desktop PCs, wi-fi routers, etc.

The laptop is one of the prevailing products. Many users are willing to use Asus laptops as their devices for home and work use.

However, what is inevitable is that you will meet issues and problems more or less when using a laptop; Asus is not an exception.

Some Asus laptop users have reported that they have met partition loss, like an Asus recovery partition missing, which causes some further troubles. Moreover, recovery problems and data loss are part of the severe problems that users have met.


ASUS Laptop Factory Reset - Son forgot the password


So my son is locked out of his old Windows 10 laptop. It is an ASUS e403s running Windows 10. Does anyone have any idea how I can get to the advanced boot menu to initiate a factory reset from outside of the OS?


- Question from TenForums


Furthermore, many users are experiencing data loss on Asus laptops. Some have inadvertently deleted files, while others have accidentally emptied Recycle Bin.

This article will be helpful if you are one of the victims wondering how to recover Asus laptop Windows 10 or how to recover data from Asus laptop.


Part 1. How to factory reset Asus laptop?

Factory reset is one of the feasible measures to fix errors and wipe the laptop before selling or giving it to others. Sometimes, a severe laptop issue will force you to reset it.

This part gathers three methods to factory reset your Asus laptop. If failed, you could also try to use the Asus recovery key to restore the system.

Method 1. Recover Asus laptop Windows 10 via the inbuilt Recovery feature

You could easily access the built-in recovery feature using a Windows 10 Asus laptop. By resetting your Asus computer, your accounts, files, apps, etc., will be removed.

With an Asus recovery partition, you can restore your laptop.

Step 1. Click the Start menu > Settings > Update & Security.


Step 2. Click Recovery > Reset this PC > Get started.


Step 3. Choose an option you like. To specify the factory reset settings, click Restore factory settings.


Step 4. Choose to remove all files from all drives or only restore the drive where Windows is installed as you like.


Step 5. Check if you want to clean the drives as well.


Step 6. Ready to restore > click Restore.


Method 2. Factory reset Asus laptop from startup

You could also recover Asus laptop Windows 10 from startup. If you have forgotten the password, this method suits you.

Step 1. Start your Asus laptop.

Step 2. Press F9 during the startup process > come to the Asus Preload screen > Recover Windows to entire HD > Next.


Step 3. Commit your choice > approve license agreement > choose preferred language > reset the laptop.

Method 3. Recover Asus laptop Windows 10 via Troubleshoot option

Also, another feature is feasible to help you factory reset Asus laptop.

Step 1. Restart your Asus laptop > come to the login screen.

Step 2. Click Power > Restart > hold the Shift key > come to the Windows Recovery environment > click Troubleshoot.


Step 3. Click Reset this PC.


Step 4. Click Remove everything.


Step 5. Specify if you want just to remove your files or clean the drive as well > click Reset.


Part 2. How to recover Asus laptop data after data loss?

Besides the factory reset issues on Asus laptops, users also suffer from data loss. Don’t worry. In this part, we will introduce general methods to perform Asus data recovery to help you recover deleted files on Asus laptop.

Method 1. Recover data from Asus laptop via Windows backup

Backups are always helpful when you need to restore data after data loss. Windows has provided a built-in backup and restore tool since Windows 7.

Using this tool, you could back up whatever you need and restore it anywhere you want on a local drive.

Step 1. Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7).


Step 2. Restore my files.


Step 3. Browse for files > select backups > select deleted or lost files from the backup > Next.


Step 4. Choose a place to store the files as you like > click Restore.


Also, you could select Browse for folders and restore deleted folders on Desktop.

Method 2. Achieve Asus data recovery directly without backup

As you know, backup is beneficial, but it only works when you possess one. However, plenty of users won’t back up their hard drives and laptops regularly.

They might have underestimated the severity of data loss, or they thought data loss wouldn’t fall on them.

If you are one of them, don’t be frustrated. Without a backup, you could still recover your data from Asus laptop with the help of professional Windows data recovery tools.

MyRecover is one of them, facilitating users to perform Asus data recovery under various data loss situations with its unique features.

Perform Asus data recovery in a breeze
  • All-inclusive. Help you recover data after deletion, formatting, Recycle Bin emptying, system crashes, etc.
  • Easy-to-use. Offer an easy user interface, allowing all users to operate it without difficulties.
  • Out-standing. Restore 200+ types of data, including photos, videos, office files, zip files, etc.
  • Highly-compatible. Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Server.
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Follow the steps to achieve laptop data recovery.

Step 1. Install and run the software > Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. Search for and sort the wanted files using the extensions, Size, Type, Date modified, etc.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files > navigate to the original location > select deleted files from the Asus laptop > click Recover x files.


In addition, you could use this tool to perform data recovery on other brands of devices, e.g., it can assist you in recovering data from Dell laptop hard drive.

Wrapping up

This article teaches you how to recover Asus laptop Windows 10.

No matter if you have met some issues that force you to factory reset Asus laptop or you have been bothered by data loss from the Asus device, you could check this post and get help.

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