Top 5 Ontrack Data Recovery Alternatives and Review

There are 5 top Ontrack Data Recovery alternatives and a detailed introduction of them. After looking through this page, you can choose the most suitable data recovery software.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Our reliance on data is undeniable. Whether it's cherished photos, important work documents, or media files, we've come to rely on stable storage solutions to save it all. Nevertheless, these storage solutions are not immune to data corruption and other accidents.

To counter such situations, data recovery software has become a useful solution, ready to reclaim our cherished files. The challenge, however, lies in selecting the right one among a lot of options in the market. Here, we'll delve into Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery's features and explore some Ontrack Data Recovery alternatives.

Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Review

Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery serves as a robust tool to recover lost files from a variety of sources. It boasts compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems and excels in rescuing data lost due to formatting errors, accidental deletions, or file corruption.

Ontrack Data Recovery extends a free version, which permits file retrieval up to 1GB. Furthermore, it offers a range of paid editions, each unlocking a set of enhanced features, categorized as Home, Professional, Premium, Technician, and Toolkit.


Notable Attributes:

  • Efficient Data Retrieval: It operates with commendable speed and presents multiple recovery options.
  • Swift and Comprehensive Scans: The software presents two scanning modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan, which will find all deleted and lost files.
  • Data Management Flexibility: One of its standout features is the ability for users to initiate data recovery at their own pace.

While Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery boasts impressive attributes, it has some drawbacks. Most of its essential tools require payment, which can be quite expensive. Users have also reported that its interface can be complex. As such, it's prudent to explore alternatives to Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery.

5 Best Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Alternatives

In this section, we'll embark on a journey to discover five prominent alternatives to Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery. Each will be succinctly summarized, and we'll provide main features, and cons evaluation for your informed decision-making.

1. MyRecover

Our top recommendation for an alternative is MyRecover, praised for its user-friendly interface, advanced scanning capabilities, and remarkable data recovery success rate.

Developed by AOMEI Tech, MyRecover excels in restoring deleted and lost files from a range of storage devices. You can recover files from SSD, HDD, USB, SD card, etc.

MyRecover Recover Deleted Files

๐Ÿ‘ Key Features:

Recovery of 200+ file formats, encompassing images, videos, MS Office files, and more.

Advanced scanning options with precise file filtering and previewing.

Preservation of the original file format.

Compatibility with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and various file systems.

๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:

Lack of support for Mac and Linux operating systems.

Don't hesitate to try out MyRecover on your Windows system for efficient file recovery!


Best free data recovery software for files.

Step 1. Install and launch MyRecover, then hover the mouse over the drive containing your desired file to Scan.

Scan D Drive

Step 2. Initiate the scanning process, which comprises Quick Scan and Deep Scan, allowing you to filter and preview files as needed.

Search Albm Files to Recover

Step 3. Select the files you wish to recover from the Deleted Files, Recycle Bin, or Other Missing Files folders, and click Recover x files.

Recover Ablm Files

2. R-Studio

R-Studio stands out as an advanced data recovery solution crafted by R-Tools Technology Inc. Its key distinction lies in comprehensive OS support, catering to Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is available for free download, but its demo mode restricts file recovery to 256KB.

R Studio Recover Deleted FIles

๐Ÿ‘ Key Features:

Broad compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as various file systems.

Advanced features, including damaged RAID recovery on Mac, efficient disk imaging, and advanced recovery algorithms.

Emergency Version for system recovery in dire circumstances.

๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:

Complex interface requiring specific expertise.

Price plans that lean toward the expensive side.

Limited file format previewing options.

3. Recuva

Piriform's Recuva enjoys a reputation as a trusted, longstanding file recovery tool. The software offers free downloading, with advanced features primarily available in the unpaid version. Promising to recover multiple file formats from nearly any rewritable storage media, Recuva's strengths include its affordability and ease of use, though it's exclusively tailored for Windows users.

Recuva Interface

๐Ÿ‘ Key Features:

File recovery support for various formats, including photos, videos, emails, and documents.

Speedy operation from installation to scanning.

Deep Scan feature for thorough device exploration in case of unfruitful initial scans.

๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:

Sole compatibility with Windows OS.

Reliability issues in data recovery.

Absence of official customer support in the free version.

4. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is an incredibly versatile software capable of restoring hundreds of file types from both internal and external drives. It prides itself on simplicity and swift results. While a free version is accessible, it can only recover recently deleted files.

Wise Data Recovery

๐Ÿ‘ Key Features:

Multi-format support for various file types across diverse storage devices.

Effective scanning, with the paid version offering a Deep Scan feature.

Portability via a non-installation-required portable version.

๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:

Exclusive compatibility with Windows OS.

Lower success rates compared to some similarly priced alternatives.

Elevated costs for Wise Data Recovery Pro versions.

5. Disk Drill

Disk Drill impresses with its intuitive GUI and high data recovery success rates. However, it's worth noting that its scanning process can be time-consuming, sometimes exceeding an hour.

Disk Drill SD Card Recovery

๐Ÿ‘ Key Features:

Recovery of deleted and lost files from HDDs, SSDs, USB devices, memory cards, and more.

Categorization of scanned results into Deleted or Lost and Existing folders.

Support for 18 languages.

๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:

Limited data recovery capacity in the free version, capping at approximately 500MB.

Absence of refund options.

To Sum Up

Selecting the right data recovery solution hinges on factors such as cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and successful outcomes, tailored to individual preferences and needs.

While Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery presents a viable choice, the market offers a diverse array of Ontrack Data Recovery alternatives to explore. The decision ultimately rests in your hands, as you choose suitable file recovery software.

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