How to Recover Partitions on USB Drive?

How to recover partitions on USB drive? If you have accidentally deleted USB partitions, check this tutorial to perform USB flash partition recovery.


By Lora / Updated on July 13, 2022

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Is accidentally deleted USB partitions recoverable?

USB drives, portable storage devices used to store and transfer important data, are widely utilized among people. USB drives are usually small in size, quick in reading and writing speed, etc., many users are willing to have their data saved in the USB drives.

Like dealing with a hard drive, some people may partition a USB to store different types of data on it. Then accidents may occur – some users may have mistakenly deleted a partition on a USB drive.

Perhaps they were in such a rush that they accidentally deleted the partition that they still need, or they wanted to unpartition/merge the USB partitions, but human errors happened, etc.

They now want to know if it is feasible to recover lost partitions USB. Rest assured, the answer is YES.

Like a partition deleted or lost on an internal/external hard drive, the lost partition on a USB will not be removed from your USB right away when deleted.

When you erase a USB partition, on the contrary, space is released, and wait for fresh data to overwrite it. So, the USB drive can be recovered as long as no new data is written to it.

Then how to recover partitions on USB drive?


How to recover partitions on USB drive?

Means to recover lost partitions USB and some noteworthy points are ready for you in this section. These means and notes apply to the deleted partitions.

Before performing USB flash partition recovery

Before the solutions, there are some dos and don’ts that need to be noticed.


  • Connect the USB to your computer properly with care.
  • Eject the USB safely. Click “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media”.


  • Do not add more files or items to the USB drive.
  • Do not eject the USB without safely remove.
  • Do not format or reformat the USB.
  • Do not create new volumes on the USB.

As long as no data is written to the USB drive after the deletion, your USB partition could be recovered easily, and with the data in it kept. Now, follow the steps below to perform USB flash partition recovery securely.

Best means to recover lost partitions USB

How to recover partitions on USB drive? Some people may have heard that “assign letter” can recover partitions.

To some degree, it is right, but it can only “recover” a hidden or invisible partition due to drive letter loss. By running this command, you give a name to the hidden partition and make it visible again.

But if your USB flash drive partitions are deleted, then this method is not helpful to you. Not to mention the CMD commands are pretty dangerous to users who don’t know commands much – they may mistakenly run false commands and do further damage to the data.

Instead, you might as well utilize a third-party USB partition recovery tool to safely recover lost partitions USB. AOMEI Partition Assistant can be of great help.

As a versatile tool, it can help users do a lot of things – recover deleted/lost partitions, and create, merge, format, split partitions, etc., which facilitates users to manage their USB drives with ease.

Now download the Pro Demo version to enjoy a free trial.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
Two search modes are offered. “Fast Search” scans your USB drive quickly, saving your time; “Full Search” scans the USB drive thoroughly and takes longer; please wait patiently. 
As compatible software, it supports Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP OS; Windows 7 users can also perform Win 7 partition recovery easily. 
If you are using Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012, etc., please upgrade it into Server Edition.

Step 1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant > Click “Partition recovery wizard” > select the USB drive> click “Next”.


Step 2. Select a search mode according to your needs. Try “Fast Search” first, if it doesn’t work, try “Full Search”.


Step 3. Select the lost partition you need to recover > “Proceed”.


Thus you could easily recover accidentally deleted USB partitions. Using this tool, you could also restore deleted volume on external hard drives easily.

Bonus tips: get rid of data loss risk

With the help of this tutorial about how to recover partitions on USB drive, users who have accidentally deleted USB partitions can get their USB partitions back effortlessly.

But apart from USB flash partition recovery, precautions are urgent as well. Data loss risks, such as partition deletion, corruption, formatting, etc., may occur one day in the future.

So, it is sagacious for all users to do some preparations – backing up their partitions and data. AOMEI Backupper, the professional backup software, is a good helper in protecting your data and partitions.

Disk Backup”, “Partition Backup”, “System Backup”, “File Backup” and other amazing features can fit your specific needs for safe backups.

You could create a backup for the partition that stores important data, or you could flexibly back up the vital files only. All these backup schemes are ready to protect your data.

If you need to recover data from a USB drive, turning to a professional Windows data recovery utility - MyRecover - will be a good choice.

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