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Can GPT partition recover?


My disk corrupted with a sudden power loss, it said, ‘G:\ is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system...’ so…What can I do now?


- Question from Reddit


GPT partition loss seems to happen a lot among users, which is, needless to say, pretty annoying. 

We can notice in this case that the user faced an unexpected power off, and then his partition gets inaccessible, it is necessary for him to conduct GPT partition recovery Windows 10/11.

To solve it, firstly, let’s make it clear what the GPT partition is and why your partition gets lost. GPT partition can be recovered if you used the methods below.

What is GPT partition?

As is known to all, to facilitate the management, improve system operation speed, and effectively protect system disk space and data, the disk is divided into several partitions, in which different files are stored.

Due to the rapid growth of hard disk capacity, the 2.2T capacity of MBR is difficult to meet users’ needs, and thus GPT came into being.  

GPT partition table (Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table), also named as GUID partition table, is one of the elements of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).

And another one is MBR. Due to different addressing methods, MBR and GPT have different characteristics and limitations. But, whatever you use, you might meet issues, e.g., MBR partition table recovery issue after corruption.

Then, what is the difference between GPT and MBR?




  • The maximum partition capacity is 2TB, and the capacity larger than 2TB will not be recognized, resulting in a waste of hard disk space.
  • The maximum partition number is limited, including 4 primary partitions and one extended partition. But the logical partitions are infinite.
  • BIOS works with the MBR partitioning scheme.
  • Support Windows 7 and older systems like Windows 95, 98, etc.


  • The maximum partition capacity is 9.4ZB, and the size is far larger than that of MBR. And it can identify hard disk space above 2TB.
  • GPT partition table can support 128 primary partitions under Windows OS.
  • UEFI can work with the MBR partitioning scheme, which gets rid of plenty of the limitations of MBR.
  • Support Window Server 2003 SP1 and later version on 32-bit platforms, and Windows 8 and later allows booting from GPT partitions.

Compared with the MBR partition scheme, the GPT disk has more competitive edges. To reduce the risk of damage to the partition table, GPT also saves a copy of the partition table at the end of the hard disk, and the user's data will be more secure.

Common causes of GPT partition loss

Then how does a GPT partition get missing? Here list some common causes of GPT partition loss.

Drive letter loss. While you are resizing or adjusting your partitions, the drive letter may get lost.

◆ Accidentally deletion. If unfortunately, you have made some improper operation inadvertently or carelessly, you may delete your partition accidentally. After that, an unallocated partition will begenerated. To recover accidentally deleted partition, please get help.


◆ Power failure. A sudden power outage may lead to an unexpected shutdown, causing malfunction of your PC and even damaging the hard drive, generating problems like inaccessible partition.

◆ Virus attack. If your PC is attacked by a virus or malware, the partition table may get damaged.

◆ Corrupted partition table. A partition table might get damaged or corrupted due to misoperation, virus attack, or some interruption during your partition formatting.

◆ Bad sectors. If there are bad sectors on the hard disk, the hard disk cannot be read or written.


Methods of GPT partition recovery Windows 10/11

Before moving on to the solutions to restore GPT partition, some noteworthy points are ready here for you.

  • To avoid further data loss by power failure, keep your PC being enough charged during your operation.
  • To minimize the data loss you suffer, it is the best bet to backup everything you need or cherish.
  • When assigning the drive letter, the drive letter you choose cannot be used before.

Method 1. Restore GPT partition with Disk Management

If the problem you encountered is the drive letter loss, a quite useful utility that can be taken advantage of is Disk Management. Follow the steps listed below to recover GPT partition.

Step 1. Start Control Panel on your PC, then go to System and Security.


Step 2. Choose Create and format hard drive partitions in the Administrative tools.


Step 3. Locate the drive which contains the deleted GPT partition, right-click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.


Step 4. Click Add on the lower-left part of this panel.


Step 5. Tick Assign the following drive letter, then choose a letter that has not been used before, and click OK to confirm.


Thus you will have properly performed GPT partition recovery.

Method 2. Perform GPT Partition Recovery via AOMEI Partition Assistant

If the methods above don’t meet your need, you might as well turn to trusty and professional software - AOMEI Partition Assistant to recover GPT partition.

Utilizing advanced scanning methdos, this tool could scan hard disk for deleted partitions from HDD/SSD/memory card/USB flash drives within several minutes.

In addition, it is very compatible, working smoothly with Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, etc. 

As an easy and efficient partition rescue tool, it requires no specific expertise, all users could use it to get deleted partition back with ease. If the data stored in the GPT partitions haven't been overwritten, you can recover GPT partitions with data by using AOMEI Partition Assistant. 

Now download this useful tool to restore GPT partition in a breeze. 

Step 1. Install and start AOMEI Partition Assistant on your PC for a free trial.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Partition Recovery Wizard on the upper-left side of the panel.  Select a disk that you need to recover, then click Next.


Step 3. Here offers you two search modes, the Fast Search is recommended as it is more time-saving. If you want to get a further search of your partition, choose Full Search.


Step 4. When the searching process is finished, select the deleted partition in the list and then click Proceed.


Then a congratulation notice will be sent, you will have successfully recovered GPT partition which has been deleted.

Method 3. Restore GPT partition from a backup

If you had made regular backup, you can restore GPT partition easily. To recover GPT partition, you can turn to AOMEI Backupper, a handy software, which can meet your need. Now follow the steps below to do so.  This freeware is pretty practical for everyone to copy important files from hard disks and partitions. You will not worry about data safety anymore.

To utilize this approach, a backup is supposed to be made before. And there must be an image file that contains the partition backup.
 When you choose a destination partition, it is recommended to choose the backed-up partition.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Backupper and launch it.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Find Home on the left side of the panel, select the backup you have made before, then click the three horizontal lines button, and click Restore in the list.


Step 3. Versions of the backup task will be presented here, select one to restore, then click Next.


Step 4. Choose a destination partition and then click Next to continue.


Step 5. Commit your operation by clicking Start Restore. Any change can be made at this step by clicking Edit Partitions on the lower-left part of this window.


Then your operation has been successfully carried out.


Three practicable approaches have been prepared for users to adopt to solve your GPT partition recovery problem. Besides, you can take a closer look at the difference between the GPT partition table and the MBR partition table, and some probable reasons for GPT partition loss as well.

What's more, if you are searching for a method to recover data from a GPT partition, you might as well turn to a professional Windows data rescue tool - MyRecover, which can scan your hard disk and quickly locate the deleted and missing data.

Hope this post can be of some help to you.