Acer Aspire Hard Drive Recovery | Recover Data from Acer Hard Drives

How to recover data from Acer hard drives? Don’t worry; this Acer Aspire hard drive recovery guide gathers helpful info and will help you get your files back.


By Lora / Updated on April 3, 2024

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How do I recover data from Acer Aspire hard drives?

Acer's versatile Aspire laptop series caters to users with varying needs, from light tasks to resource-intensive productivity. Models like Acer Aspire 1, Acer Aspire 3, Acer Aspire 5, and the high-end Acer Aspire 7 offer robust hardware and build quality.

However, data loss can still occur. If you recently lost data on your Acer Aspire laptop, fret not, as we have a detailed guide on recovering data from Acer laptop hard drives.


Need to perform Acer Aspire hard drive recovery


So, my Acer Aspire laptop just crashed, and I lost all my files! I'm desperate to get my data back, and I heard about data recovery software. Has anyone tried recovering data from an Acer Aspire hard drive? My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5, and I'm using Windows 10. Any tips or advice on getting my stuff back? Thanks in advance!


- Question from Acer recovery forums


Before the Acer Aspire hard drive recovery guide, let’s check the reasons why files are missing from the drives first.


Why data get loss from Acer Aspire hard drive?

Data loss on your Acer Aspire laptop's hard drive can happen due to various reasons, ranging from accidental deletions to uncontrollable hardware failures.

✍ Accidental Deletion: When files are permanently deleted using the Shift + Delete shortcut, or when the Acer hard drive is accidentally formatted.

✍ File System Corruption: Data loss can occur due to logical damage to the hard drive caused by malware, improper shutdowns, etc.

✍ Hard Drive Malfunction: Data loss can result from hardware or software malfunctions of the hard disk drive caused by factors like shock or malware.

✍ Operating System Corruption: When the operating system won't boot or gets stuck in startup repair, data can become inaccessible.

✍ Forced OS Upgrade or Reinstallation: Automatic Windows 10/Windows 11 updates or OS reinstallation due to corruption can sometimes lead to the removal of personal files. Some users have reported that their files are missing after Windows 10 update.

Then, how to recover deleted files from Acer laptop files? Move on and find efficient method in the following part.

How to achieve Acer Aspire hard drive recovery?

Losing precious data can be heart-wrenching, but fear not, for MyRecover is here to rescue your memories and files! MyRecover is professional and reliable laptop hard drive recovery software. With an intuitive interface and a powerful data recovery algorithm, MyRecover has quickly become the go-to solution for retrieving lost data from your Acer Aspire hard drive.

Step into a world of possibilities with MyRecover's unmatched features.

From photos to videos, documents to spreadsheets, and even compressed files, it supports the recovery of over 200 types of data. 
Whether it's your internal HDD, external SSD, USB, or SD card, MyRecover has got you covered. 
Original filenames, formats, quality, and directory structure remain untouched during the recovery process, ensuring the authenticity of your files. 
Say goodbye to those prolonged waiting periods – MyRecover allows you to preview, sort, search, and recover during scanning, saving you valuable time. 
Compatibility is key, and MyRecover understands that. It seamlessly works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 SP1, and Server operating systems, ensuring that no user is left behind.

When it comes to data loss scenarios, MyRecover excels. Deleted files, formatting mishaps, emptied recycle bins, virus infections, and even system crashes – MyRecover tackles them all with ease.

Let MyRecover unleash its magic while preserving the essence of your lost data.

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Precautions before Acer Aspire laptop data recovery

To increase the recovery rate of lost data on your Acer hard drive, follow these essential tips:

✐ Do Not Add New Files: Refrain from adding or pasting new files onto the drive where data loss occurred. Overwriting existing data decreases the chances of successful data recovery.

✐ Avoid Formatting: do not format or reformat your hard drive after data loss. Formatting wipes crucial information, and then you will need formatted data recovery tools for effective retrieval.

✐ Be Cautious with Partition Table Rebuilding: While rebuilding the partition table can be helpful in some cases of partition loss, exercise caution. Applying this function when the cause of data loss isn't related to partition loss can worsen the situation.

✐ Minimize Disk Access: Avoid accessing data on the disk where files were lost, and refrain from viewing files and folders. Any additional data created during these actions may overwrite the lost data.

Steps to recover data from Acer hard drives

Now, please follow the below steps to learn how to recover deleted files from Acer laptop hard disks.

The scanning process includes Quick Scan for deleted files and Deep Scan for missing files. 
It is better to save the recovered files to a different drive than their original location.

Step 1. Launch the software and hover the mouse over the affected drive where the files were stored previously. Click Scan to commence the search process.


Step 2. Utilize extensions, filenames, and filters such as Type, Size, Path, etc., to target the desired files from your Acer Aspire hard disk.


Step 3. Go to the original location where the files were previously stored under the Deleted files/Recycle Bin folder > find your wanted files > click Recover x files and get back data from your Acer Aspire hard drive.


To enjoy unlimited file rescue, upgrade, and check the advanced edition.

Bonus tips: How to recover data from Acer hard drive when the OS fails to boot?

If your OS refuses to boot, accessing the Acer recovery mode and resetting Windows becomes necessary. During this process, you can choose to either retain or delete your personal data. Follow these steps to recover data from an Acer Aspire hard drive with an unbootable OS:

Step 1. Press and hold the Power key for 5 seconds to turn off your Acer Aspire laptop completely.

Step 2. Press the Power key again to turn on the laptop, and when the Acer logo appears, press Alt + F10.


Step 3. On the blue screen, click on Troubleshoot > Reset your PC.


Step 4. Here, you’ll be presented with options to either keep your personal files and reinstall Windows or remove everything. Select the desired option.


This article gathers information to help you perform Acer Aspire hard drive recovery. Using the trust worthy laptop recovery software – MyRecover, you can easily scan and restore what you want from your hard disks.

While data recovery from an Acer laptop's hard drive is feasible, it is crucial to always have backups. Backing up files to the cloud and to an external storage drive not only protects your data from loss but also facilitates easy data transfer when needed.


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