我們客戶對AOMEI Backupper的認可
  • USA
    Best Software for backing up and restoring Windows operating systems including Windows 10... I highly recommend AOMEI Backupper for all home users as well as business houses, which has tremendous usages.
    An absolute must.... (via facebook)
  • USA
    Hello! I want to share my satisfaction in using the program (Aomei Backupper). It is simply sensational. It had long been in need of such a program. Thanks to this program, now I can make perfect clones of my partitions and restore after uncomplicated. And even with startup of the program by the pen drive. Simply sensational. Thanks to the developers.
  • Spain
    Angel Badia
    REcomiendo muy bien AOMEI Backupper si teneis que clonar un disco duro. Muchisimo mejor que el Ghost y ademas es gratis. Vale bien, que la version Gratis clona los discos, pero el disco destino lo deja sin ser Bootable.... pero nada mas facil que entrar luego con cualquier programa que maneje particiones y decirle que sea bootable.
    Luego quitas el disco viejo del ordenador, pones el nuevo, y arrancas....
    Halas, ya me dareis las gracias en otra vida, porque lo que es en esta.
    (via facebook)
  • Japan
    (The clone tool is useful when replacing the HDD)
    (Via Twitter message)
  • USA
    Manmohan Rajyana
    Lucky to get AOMEI softwares through Windows Ten Forumes
    All softwares have been very well explained and when seeking support, their whole team is prompt to help users. All of their softwares are firstly FREE and if found useful the paid software are available with free updates.
    I strongly recommend all computer lovers must keep AOMEI softwares particularly AOMEI Backupper Professional, AOMEI OneKey Recovery and AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro handy to overcome un-called for eventualities in cases of crashes, virus attacks, system corruption or any other type system failures.
    One point for AOMEI softwares team.
  • USA
    I've probably evaluated or used just about every backup program out there over the decades. Most products I have used were enterprise versions. Nearly all of them have had reliability problems, poor support, and way too expensive.
    After playing with Backupper 1.6 for a long while, I became extremely impressed with your product. I am now running technician plus version 3.2 in an enterprise scenario.
  • Japan
    AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition 3.2を使い、全パーティションのバックアップイメージとってあります。再度取り直します。HDDはHITACHIの非常に状態の良いもの入れました。速さより安定性、安全性を取りました。(Via Twitter)
  • USA
    Hi, Viz,
    Thank you for the reply. I am happy to say that I have been able to solve the problem. I am an AOMEI addict. I do not know how ANYBODY can use a computer which does not have AOMEI softwares installed. AOMEI has made me a life member so that I could use all the updates free of cost. However I have not upgraded my softwares for sometime.
    Thank you again and have a nice day.
  • USA
    Nathan Caudill
    love your backupper and partition assistant software. Best software I've ever used. Thanks so much for your wonderful support for your software and making is such great software. I'd say your developers work very hard on this software. Thanks so much for this software and your very good support team and developers that know what their doing. Thanks so much. I will always use your software.
  • USA
    Ron Geiken
    Hooray for AOMEI!!!!!!
    Just a quick note to let you know how great your product is. I tried to install my SSD with the Migration software from Samsung almost a dozen times and failed each time. Also tried Macrium again several times and failed each time. Got frustrated and then downloaded and installed your Backer uper and first time I tried it, it worked just like advertised. The proof of the pudding is in starting it up with new drive in C drive position and just had things cobbled up and tried it out, and was shocked at how great it worked. I set for Clone and walked away and later discovered that it was done. When I turned the computer on again, it showed 2 W7 boot drives, the original and the one that I cloned. Did the re-connection to the new Samsung Drive, and eureka, worked just like the original hard drive only a whole lot faster. In my opinion, SSD installers should just skip all the other (Pretenders) and just go with AOMEI. One of the best products that I have ever used. As you can understand after lots of failures with the other products, this one WORKED and now things are looking good. I have a new W10 computer, so my Lenovo W7 with the new Samsung SSD is my back up, but will be happy to use it as necessary. Again, thanks to AOMEI for such a great product and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that wants to install a new SSD and speed up their computer.
    I didn't know where to send the good news about my experience with this product, but If you have a place within your company where they should get these KUDOS, send it to them.
  • UK
    Took two attempts and needed to close the network connection. BUT I have a clone so I can progress my upgrade plans more confident. Thanks for your patience and help. That in itself made me happier about using your product.
  • USA
    Hello Doris.
    Just to let you know: no more problems, it works like a charm. Great program.
  • USA
    Patrick McCabe
    Your backup system and email notifications work great.
    Thank you!
  • USA
    Yesterday I had to refresh my Windows 8.1 due to a malware bug it seemed. Various things did not work properly anymore, including Backupper. Reason I had to refresh, as I could not use the backups, even though Backupper seemed to restore incremental backups, but then something would go wrong. I would get a black screen at restart, and even after 5 minutes it would still be black with nothing else on it. Or I would get the light blue screen where I had to choose a language, just as if I were reformating.
    So I refreshed, but then Backupper did not show the backups. Then I wrote you about it, and you told me to go to Home > Restore > (I don't remember what the next thing is called) and it worked, I could pick an incremental backup made before the bug appeared. So now my machine is working fine again.
    If that would not have worked I would have had to reformat, as the refresh did not work completely either due to the bug I think. So Backupper and your assistence saved me about 2 days work to get everything back the way it was before the bug!
    Thank you so much! :)
  • USA
    I really like your program. I have tried several programs, but found out that your Aoemitech is the best for me.
    Thank you again an have a pleasent day.
    Kind regards
  • USA
    Four reasons I bought several copies of Backupper pro.
    First backup speed.
    Had been using Paragon software, could not restore individual files from system image backup.
    I can continue to use PC while backup is running.
    Able to restore individual files from windows explorer interface.
    I have been an IT guy for 36 years, used many different backup software products over the years, yours is the best.
  • USA
    Tomi T
    To Anyone helping to support this program:
    Your program helped restore my computer...I had tried to install the new Star Wars game and it completely garbled my system last night! All I had to do was put in the disc I had made from your program and it instantly revived my system! What an amazing product! And if it wasn't free I wouldn't even have a computer system right now! My search is over for the perfect backup product!
    Thank you again!
  • USA
    Reg Wood
    Thanks for developing such a good program, I tried Acronis and Novabackup at first but both gave me more trouble than they were worth then I found your program on a Google search and it was  so easy to follow from making a recovery disk to backing up my windows 8.1 system to another hard drive. 
    Kind Regards
    Reg Wood
  • USA
    Randy Bell
    Man this is good software!  I've used Acronis True Image for years now, dating back to around 2007.  I've also used Norton Ghost for an even longer time; and the last two years, I've been using Macrium Reflect on three of my computers at home.
    I had never heard of your product, but when this past Christmas it came bundled with a very good deal for "Wise Care 365", I thought I'd try it out.  It is a VERY GOOD imaging and backup program:  the fastest I've tried, which includes Ghost, Reflect, and Acronis.  No wonder it gets good reviews on CNET.
    You can feel free to quote me here as a testimonial to your excellent product, if you wish.  Thx for fixing the glitch with not being able to upgrade from version 2.1 to 2.2 without losing my product registration for the 'Pro' edition.  Now, that works fine, I've tested it twice and it retains my license when I upgrade.
    Let me tell you this also:  On an old Compaq Computer, vintage 2003, running Windows XP Professional, this software mounts images flawlessly and quickly.  I always had difficulty doing that with Acronis True Image on the very same system; in fact it would error off, even though it worked on other PC's I have - this makes it easy to retrieve documents, music and other data from disk images in a timely fashion.
    Yes, mounting images and assigning a drive letter is a much needed feature that you put in this product - and it works well, and quickly.  The restoration of bootable system images is also lightning fast!  Very good design on this, what to me was previously an unknown product.  If the user crashes his computer and renders it unbootable, he can be back up in business in no time with ABPro.
    Another good feature is the use of Windows' native Task Scheduler to do scheduled backups - that also works seamlessly per my personal testing.  Everything about this lesser known imaging product, seems to work better than the "big name" products I've used thus far:  Acronis, Ghost, and Reflect:
    The user will be protected from system and data loss just as well by ABPro, as by these other fine products.  And the price is very good and competitive, too.
  • Brazil
    Vagner Dantas
    By the way, thanks for sharing the program. Ogilvy is now on the same level as Acronis, Macrium Reflect and others.
    I believe you can't take away the focus on backup speed. That's what amazes me.
  • Australia
    Michel Garcia
    Hello, first of all Happy New Year 2015! Then I will tell you the reason I bought your product. I decided to upgrade the SSD 250Gb I was using in my laptop, and by confidence was running GHOST 15. 
    I spent and lost around 5 hours to finally find that it was just impossible to clone my SSD to a new 500Gb SSD! Well, I had the freeware version of AOMEI Backup, and by reading the options it appeared it was a SYSTEM CLONE possibility 
    ... Having lost almost my day, I said, "Just give it a try, it might work!”... 
    And you product did the job in less than 20 minutes! PERFECT! So I just bought it!
    And very happy to use it.
     I will try now to create an USB Boot with a system image, and see if I can restore it!
  • Japan
    HDDからTranscend SSD370S 256GB にWindows10環境をコピーしようとするが、Transcend純正ツールはWindows10環境で上手く動かず。ということでAOMEI Backupper を使ってみる (via twitter)
  • USA
    Clarence Smith
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I am using your Standard "Backup Software" and your "Standard Partition Software."
    Needless to say, I'm Impressed!
    After using your competitions software for years, True Imagine, you have exceeded my expectations.
    If I ever need the services your Pro Version provides, your software is first on my list.
    Just thought you should know.
    Feel free to use this email in your marketing if considered beneficial.
  • USA
    Luis. Cruz
    Oh ok, thank you very much.
    There are other products of yours that we purchased and are using (backups) and we appreciate the support.
    Thank you again.
  • USA
    PS... I absolutely love the product. It is the ONLY backup and restore solution for PC's that actually WORKS! And believe me, I have tried them all, going back to the old Norton Ghost program. None of the others actually work, not Acronis, not Symantec, none... Ghost worked, but they dropped it. That's why I'm so excited about Aomei! It just flat out, really, really works!
  • USA
    In my mind AOMEI stands for easy backup solutions.Being in the field for some years,its the firsttool i came across that actualy doest the job and its not complicated.
    For instance any friend of mine can setup aomei in seconds, with easy and without needing that mutch help.
    Any other software would take them minutes to setup until they give out and call me to set it up.
    So The key point of aomei, i believe it is the fact that it is simple.
  • USA
    Many thanks for your help, and the really nice way you responded to my email.
    I am on many forums, and have already spread the fact that your software is very good, so rest assured I will now also propagate how quick and helpful your support department is. 10/10  :0)
    Kind regards,
  • USA
    Hi, I understand that but it just appears you are charging more than my American counterparts. 
    However, I've now taken out your offer, paid for it and look forward to it as I was impressed by your backup software so trust this will be as good. 
  • USA
    I must say that I’ve found Backupper to be a great piece of software and I will spread the word at any opportunity!
  • USA
    Danny Katz
    My name is Danny and I'm a senior system administrator living in Toronto.
    I found your products after a search for a free backup solution for home (I work for a large enterprise organization).
    I checked several of your products (only for usability, not for security holes or vulnerabilities) and found amazing products especially the backup solution.
    I dealt with backup companies before and even helped developers at a company that was sold to IBM (FilesX in the past) and this is the first time that I see a working on line solution to clone disks or perform a perfect simple backup that works in all kind of different configurations (you beat Acronis easy).
    Many products can do on line backup but not on line disk clone or do both with some non working results, you are working on all my lab computers.
    I'm very impressed and I assume this is what you are doing by giving free products - have AOMEI on our mind so you will get an honest market share later on just like all the free antivirus companies.
    Thank you for helping the home users, you have provided a set of very much needed tools for any computer geek.
    I'm not sure about the future of client operating systems since it's all going towards VDI but you do have the knowledge to develop an enterprise product (like NetBackup replacement for example).
  • USA
    Michelle Tran
    Woohoo! Successfully moved Windows 10 OS from my 100GB SSD to 1TB HDD!! The longest time was spent on backing up my old photos/videos. Ah yeah, look at that fresh install. Thank you AOMEI Backupper! (via facebook)
  • USA
    Scott Weld
    Thank you for getting back and that is all I need. I appreciate the feedback. AOMEI Backupper is a great piece of software. 
    I bought a new Toshiba SSD and within the instructions, Toshiba has a link to use NTI Echo software. This Echo software nearly killed my hard drive and create multiple errors. After fixing the errors, I tried Clonezilla but it is much too difficult to figure out. Other software that I tried never worked. 
    Finally I bought AOMEI and it works flawlessly and easy.
  • USA
    Mike Wilkins
    This is a very nice piece of software.  It's actually very shocking, it's so much better.
    When I run from the Boot Disc, it runs quicker than Acronis, and, the resulting backup is smaller than the Acronis backup!
    The AOMEI PE Builder is also outstanding.  I'm trying to figure out how to put the Acronis WD Edition on it so I have most everything on 1 disc.
  • USA
    Craig Lane
    First and foremost, I absolutely love your applications!  In over 20 years in the IT industry, I have used a LOT of commercial, proprietary, and Open Source software.  AOMEI Backupper and Partition Assistant are amazing in that they are simply to use, easily understandable, informative of status throughout the process, and still manages to be some of the most powerful SysAdmin tools that I have ever used.   The free/lite versions are powerful on their own, but the full products are amazing.  I also appreciate the truly free software that you give away on your websites, as well.  As I have my own computer and networking services business, I have taken pleasure in selling AOMEI products to my clients and I have no concern that the quality or final state of a process on a machine will have any result other than successful.
  • USA
    Alexander Blom
    The reason why I chose AOMEI Backupper Pro is that it has features that others don't have, the main one the support for UEFI bios the full disk&partition backup and the file backup, the file explorer is also a great feature.
    For quite some years I used Acronis True Image that I still use.
    I also can say that AOMEI Backupper Pro is easier to use than Acronis and is just as fast and even in some tasks faster.
    Backupping is a serious and vital part of PC maintainance.
    AOMEI Backupper Professional is in my opinion the best and simplest backup application on the market today.
    I also backup my computer on 3 external USB drives to be absolutely sure that failure is minimal,one backup made with AOMEI,one made with Acronis and one with Windows backup.
    I also purchased AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro and that program shines in its features. 
    Hopefully to have informed you on your questions, Best regards,
    Alexander Blom
  • Australia
    George Watts
    I wish to inform you that Backupper is the best software I have used previously had to restore to factory defaults win8 do all the updates etc then install win8.1 huge amount of data wasted I installed Win AIK then created a usb boot device did a back up to partition worked perfectly. I took the risk and clicked restore. In no time was restored to perfection, thank you so much for this free software.
    George Watts
  • USA
    Primoz Bradac
    I've just installed and used your Backupper. I must admit that I haven't come across a simpler, clearer and more efficient backup program.
    All thumbs up!
    Kind regards,
    Primoz Bradac 
  • USA
    Peter Schwemlein
    hank you for an excellent product and for making it free. It fixed a long-standing problem with my disk allocation.
    When I get backup software I will purchase yours.
    Kind regards,
    Peter Schwemlein
  • Australia
    Ken Hudson
    Hello,I have been using AOMEI Backupper (free) for a few months now (just updated to 2.0). In the past I was a registered user of Rollback RX and AX64. These two other programs developed issues with Windows 8.1 which sent me here.
    What sets your program aside from your competition is the simplicity of how AOMEI Backupper works. I tried Macrium Reflect just before AOMEI Backupper and found it too complicated and it was unable to create incremental backups.
    I will continue to promote your software on the forums. To me it is the perfect balance of capability and simplicity.
    Thanks so much for a great product.
    Ken Hudson
  • England, UK
    Ali Hossain
    Thank you so much for Backupper. It does everything I need it to for free and without ridiculous adverts and adware. You guys are awesome. Keep it up!
  • USA
    Jason Lichtensteinn
    To everyone at AOMEI,
    I recently started using your program 'AOMEI Backuppper'. After trying more restore backups programs than I care to remember, I came upon yours through an internet forum. I have never had such pleasure in operating a backup program as I have with yours. I will be celebrating my 85th birthday tomorrow and any utility program that doesn't fry my brain gets an A+ from me. And, unbelievably, it is freeware! 
    Your tutorials lead me through the procedures as if some kind soul was holding my hand and guiding me. I could continue to rave and rant about you folks, but I think you get the idea.
    Thanks, again, for your talents. And, have a Happy New Year!
    Yours truly,
    Jason Lichtenstein
  • USA
    Paul and Jean
    Dear Aomei Co., 
    Thank you very much for what Jean and I think most excellent your computer disk imaging program called Backupper. We made a contribution to the Elephant Sanctuary in your name, that to ease conscience a little. Feel sort of guilty that your program given to us absolutely free, most grateful for that. Had been using Acronis and after that a program called Macrium. Your Backupper is we think better than any we have found so far. It is not just simple to use, but so fast, it backed up 22gb size disk in only a minute and a half. And it took only about 5 minutes to do a complete restore, and no disk at all needed. We also made the back up disk you showed how, just in case the machine won't start. But if it does start, then all you need to do is just let your program do everything on its own. So again thanks, and wishing your company success.  Best,
    Paul and Jean
  • Bulgaria
    Stoyko Vassilev
    I am an advanced user and graduated from my University as "Software engineer", more generally, I'm working with computers for more than 25 years. I am saying that just to show my background. For those years I've seen many and different software products.
    Since Microsoft removed "Windows 7 File Recovery" from Windows 8.1, I've been looking for a good backup software. Tried 6-7 products (paid and free) but regrettably some were cumbersome, other lacking important features, or too big for the purpose, or just ugly. The "AOMEI Backupper" was one of the candidates. I installed it quickly, just 20 MB download. I am also working in the area of Graphic Arts so my first impression was from the program's interface - it was pretty, simple and well-arranged. In two minutes I had already set up my first backup. I had every option I wish for except maybe auto deletion of old backups, but that's not something I could not live without. All options were there for me when I needed them and even more, the software offers additional stuff like disk and partition cloning and creation of bootable media! Exploring images feature is by far the best implementation of extracting individual files or folders I've ever seen.
    I want to thank you for the great and free software. Hope your company develops stronger and bigger.
    Best regards,
    Stoyko Vassilev
  • USA
    Don Scott
    To [email protected],
    Thank goodness for your absolutely wonderful program! Cannot believe it is FREE!!!!!!! Yesterday, I foolishly installed Windows 8.1. Immediately after the installation, I made disk image backup (since it took so long to download) using the Windows 8 image utility! This morning (9:00 a.m.) I started up my computer only to be told that Windows ran into a problem and it spent the next hour and a half analyzing my computer or whatever the hell it was doing! The computer rebooted and I saw the familiar cover screen with the clock. I should have stopped right there! I used my mouse to raise the curtain (so to speak)! After logging in, I was introduce to a nice BLUE screen (BSOD?) with the word START at the top left of the screen! I pressed on it and then the word APP appeared at the very same place! Neither one worked! By that time, I was ready for my first BEER! So, thinking to myself ..no problem, I have a backup! Gee! What was I thinking? Putting my trust in Micro$oft!
    I put my Windows 64 Pro into the drive and tried the various normal procedures (according to Micro$oft) to restore Windows 8.1 (e.g. system restore etc). Ready for Beer #2! Nothing worked! So I decided to use Micro$ofts image restore. I got some strange message about architecture of Windows Vista not being compatible with my system! Tried it again ...same message (Beer #3). I never used Windows Vista! I Went online to see what that meant and nothing found. Tried it once more and got another strange message about the drive being locked and in sleeping mode!!!! After 3 beers, I switched to Cranberry juice and two shots of Vodka (known around these parts as a Cape Codder). I gave up and did a clean install of Windows 8. Being quite "TOASTED" at this point I downloaded Backupper. I had previously made a backup (Sept 17, 2013 ) to another drive using Backupper. I merely pressed two or three buttons and Backupper did the rest (restored my computer to Sept 17, 2013 in about 20 -25 minutes)! It is now 8:30 pm. I spent most of the day trying to use Micro$oft's haphazard tools (as a result of the nightmare of installing Windows 8.1.) Now, the only thing I have to worry about is how to cure a hangover thanks to Micro$oft!!!! I would advise anyone trying to install Windows 8.1 to purchase ONE case of beer and use Backupper BEFORE doing anything else. A truly wonderful program with all its features.
    VERY Sincerely,
    Don Scott 
    Thanks for saving my Ass!
  • USA
    Tyrone S. Logan
    To All,
    I would like to take time out to express my thanks and gratitude to both RegNow support and Aomeitech support for pulling together to render aid to one of your consumers. It speaks volumes about you and the companies you work for. Please be advised I will not hesitate to inform my friends and co-workers about how well I was treated. As one whose job it is to support the consumer as well as the infrastructure they utilize I do know that you can do a million things right and not hear a word about it, but just do one thing wrong and boy will the roof come down upon you, so kudos guys. Once again you have heart-felt thanks and appreciation.
  • Australia
    Les Rogers
    Les Rogers here.
    I thank you very much Kim Jin for the very quick reply.I also thank you for your product.I have used home edition many times.The preview edition I used twice.At all times the product (both) did as it says!I look forward to using the PRO version ""properly""!Again ... Thank you so very much.
    Les Rogers
  • USA
    Excellent job on the new Pro version! :) Thanks so much for the license to the full version! To get the benefits you promised, I added you to my list on Twitter, so you now have 1 more follower! :) I tried to leave you a longer Tweet about your great software, but Twitter made me change it to less letters. lol 
    I'm very glad & grateful to have this software! Everyone needs it! It's wonderful that you put a system migrate feature on it! And I'm also very grateful that you'll send the reg code again if I have a problem & need it! AOMEI TECH is fantastic!
    Thanks so much again!, a customer for life, Judy Lehrman
    On Twitter I am Skye-hook, & it also uses my name as Skye_hook to send Tweets. No idea why it uses two.
  • USA
    Dear Sirs,
    I hope my language is clear. THANK YOU!
    Your product saved me from disaster a few days ago. I used it in case my regular backup software could not help me.
    I recently upgraded to a Solid-State Disk. I used my normal BackUp Plan thinking it was seeing the SSD. Big mistake! I did not realize my Backup was still pointed at my old partition of Windows-7. All seemed well. But to be safe, I used AOMEI BACKUPPER to back up my SSD also.
    2 days later I lost my ability to boot. My old backup software revealed its intention to , not the new Solid-State Disk!
    **Only in Recover could I see this problem clearly.
    AOMEI Backup restored my Solid-State Disk -- I was saved. :) Best wishes
  • South Africa
    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your answer. Of course I'll be happy to get a full functional version quite soon. If you you need a beta tester, let me know. Whha's about Windows 8 ? Could be even a bigger problem. Will test it soon and tell you my results.
    Have a nice day
  • USA
    Kwang Han
    Hi there,
    Thanks for that. You're a life saver!! I got everything back. Aomei did prompt about formatting that D drive and I hesitated as in my head, format means destroy all the files in D drive as well so I was reluctant to do it. May be Aomei should include that part of the process in one go so the end user do not need to manual do it again. Cheers.
    Kwang Han
  • USA
    Jeffery Marizo
    I just downloaded your s/w today and I must say I like the way you make it so easy to use. Makes all the difference in the world when you have great info , I wish you good luck with your s/w Regards,
    Jeffery Marizo
  • South Africa
    Mary Jeffers
    Since the dos I hooked a Ghost software. Tried and I know almost all software available in the market.
    I'm shocked, I heard about your program AOMEI Backupper Just this week. Probably because the name of the software.
    You deserve congratulations, amazing software, simple and does the job.
    Excellent backup time, the image size is small.
    Recovery time requires improvement, but definitely good.
    Good luck, I'm sure you get to the top.
  • USA
    Thank you for all the help, Kim. I really appreciate it. I was able to run the program overnight, and my hard drive is now in one piece. I will definitely recommend this product. 4.5/5 just for reinstall hiccup, but customer service is 100%.
    Thanks again,
    Sent from my iPhone
  • USA
    Ted west
    This has the potential to be the best backup imaging program out there. It's faster than the others - Macrium, paragon... and it creates smaller files. Also, it allows for differential and incremental backups, making it faster. I've booted into the recovery program using a Linux DVD created by the program, but I haven't actually tried a full recovery, that's why I'm also using other software for image backups until AOMEI Backupper proves itself - because it has to work first times, and each time has been great.
  • Canada
    Wil Tyler
    Good day all,
    I recently found your Windows system/data backup software-AOMEI Backupper- and I must say, this is by far the best I have tried in the last 6 months. And I can not beat the price ( I have several home computers that I now do weekly backups). I am your customer and will be looking at ALL you offered products.
    Thank you for you great products and your time.
    Wil Tyler 
  • USA
    Dear Sirs,
    I hope my language is clear. THANK YOU!
    Your product saved me from disaster a few days ago. I used it in case my regular backup software could not help me. I recently upgraded to a Solid-State Disk. I used my normal BackUp Plan thinking it was seeing the SSD. Big mistake! I did not realize my Backup was still pointed at my old partition of Windows-7. All seemed well. But to be safe, I used AOMEI BACKUPPER to back up my SSD also. 
    2 days later I lost my ability to boot. My old backup software revealed its intention to , not the new Solid-State Disk! 
    **Only in Recover could I see this problem clearly.
    AOMEI Backup restored my Solid-State Disk -- I was saved. :)
    best wishes,
  • USA
    Don Heckman
    Dear Aomeitech,
    I'm a US citizen living in France. I'm writing this letter to tell you that never has there been such a perfect product like yours, user friendly, helpful in every way, and quite a winner.
    You strike the chord on every tune you play and you need to hear and receive my greatest congratulations.
    Drop a note to the CEO and tell him he's really on track.
    Thank you for your diligence.
    Very Sincerely,
    Don Heckman
  • USA
    Works. Has all the features you will ever need for backing up a disk image and cloning a drive. You can create an image of a 256gb hdd and restore it to a 128gb SSD the large drive had less data than the new drive. This is a great feature, particularly good for cloning SSD's from larger HDD's. Some cloning and imaging programs will not do this, forcing you to do a fresh Windows install. The GUI is pretty, but a little quirky. It does need a little work and refinement. Try it, I think you will like it.
  • USA
    I have 3 other image backup programs, purchased, and none of them work any better than Aomei Backupper, in fact not as well. I have used Backupper to restore my system drive twice on a GPT system, even after resizing the partition smaller, and Backupper worked flawlessly. I keep feeling like I should pay something for it!