What Can AOMEI Backupper Standard Do For You?

Although many things can be done through the iPhone, some things still have to be completed with the help of a computer. It helps us deal with working documents and it’s also a place to store family photos. What is certain is that you cannot afford to lose them in any situation.

AOMEI Backupper Standard cares about everything you care about. It is embedded with abundant features to ensure the safety of your data on your desk PC and laptop. It helps you backup your Windows system, hard drives, partitions, files, etc. Besides, it also offers the direct clone way to help you upgrade to new SSD/HDD smoothly.

Backup Your System and Data Easily

All your personal data and work documents are stored on your computer. To ensure data security, let the free backup software help you back up your computer. A few clicks to protect everything.

  • Supports System Backup, File Backup, Disk Backup, and Partition/Volume Backup.
  • File Sync lets you sync important data to local, external, cloud drive or NAS immediately.
  • Automatic Scheduled Backup can be enabled to run multiple backups daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Incremental & Differential Backup will only backup newly added data to save time and space.

Restore to Previous State Quickly

Easy to restore what you want to the location you prefer. Whether the system is broken or files are accidentally deleted, you can quickly get rid of the predicament.

  • System Restore: helps you restore system to a working state even when the computer cannot boot normally.
  • File Restore: enables you to recover file/folders to its original state when the file or folder has become damaged, modified or moved.
  • Disk Restore and Partition Restore: lets you restore disk image to original location or to another HDD or SSD.
  • Selected File Restore: allows you restore needed files/folders from a file/system/disk/partition backup image.

Clone Hard Drive & Partition Directly

When upgrading to a new HDD or SSD, it is more convenient to directly clone the old hard drive to another one. AOMEI Backupper Standard is also powerful yet free disk cloning software.

Disk Clone

Lets you clone a disk with Windows installation to another HDD/SSD without reinstalling.

Partition Clone

Allows you to copy selected partition/volume to another partition or hard drive.

System Migration

With backup & restore way or system clone feature of its advanced version.

Intelligent Clone

Helps you easily clone larger disk to smaller drive, HDD to SSD particularly.

Other Useful Utilities

This PC backup software also offers useful functions to give you control of all backup tasks and help you complete backup/restore tasks more smoothly.

  • Create Bootable Rescue Media: helps you make the operating system on the disc work normally again.
  • Check Image: lets you check the integrity of the backup images to ensure that they can be restored successfully.
  • Export and Import Tasks: allows you to save the record to a safe place in case you lose your backup history.
  • Email Notification: will tell you result of backup plans that you concern about through the email address you provided.
  • Used on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, support NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, EXT2, EXT3 and other file systems.
  • Multiple storage devices: internal/external drive, SSD/HDD/SSHD, USB flash drive, NAS, network share, cloud drive desktop apps, hardware RAID and virtual machine systems, etc.

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