[2024 Guide] How to Lock Hidden Photos on iPhone in iOS 16/17

In iOS 16, the Hidden album will be locked by default. Read this guide to get all details about iOS 16 lock hidden photos and how to lock hidden photos on iPhone.


By Lena / Updated on February 5, 2024

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New feature: iOS 16 lock hidden photos

iOS 16 is a massive release with new features. At WWDC, Apple has highlighted a number of updates, such as screen customization, iCloud Shared Photo Library, Focus Mode. You can customize the lock screen to easily access the information you need; iCloud Shared Photo Library offers a seamless way to share photos with family; Focus Mode helps you to save time by choosing different apps that can notify you.

iOS 16

In addition, there were some useful features that were not announced as part of the WWDC keynote, one of which we will discuss in this article: you are able to lock hidden photos in iOS 16. Apple has finally added a new feature that makes hidden photos more private. Keep reading to learn more about iOS 16 lock hidden photos and how to lock hidden photos on iPhone/iPad. These methods also apply to iOS 17.

All details about iOS 16 lock hidden photos

In the previous, we can choose to hide selected photos on iPhone. These hidden photos seem to be hard to find, but they are not protected in any way - these hidden photos are simply removed from the Recents album. Anyone with access to your Photos app will have a chance to find hidden photos, after all, they only need to slide down a bit to see the Hidden album - whether they are unintentional or intentional.

Since the advent of Hidden album, the question of how to lock hidden photos on the iPhone has been a frequently asked question. Thankfully, iOS 16 finally allows you to lock Hidden album. In iOS 16, Photos app will automatically lock the Hidden album.

Lock Hidden Album iOS 16

The Hidden album is still there under Utilities but there is a lock symbol on the right side. If anyone tries to open the Hidden album, the iPhone will start Face ID or Touch ID to look for the registered face/fingerprint. In addition, third-party apps can't access locked-up photos either.

In short, the Hidden album is locked by default in iOS 16, requiring Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode to access the photos inside. Additionally, the Recently Deleted album is also locked.

How to lock hidden photos on iPhone in iOS 16

As soon as you update to ios 16, then the Hidden album is automatically locked, you do not need to turn on any switch. If not, you can follow the steps below to lock hidden photos on iPhone in iOS 16.

iOS 16 is not yet released, you can get iOS 16 developer beta or get iOS 16 public beta to try this new feature early.

Steps to lock hidden photos on iPhone/iPad

Go to Settings app > Scroll down to find Photos > Turn on the toggle to enable Use Face ID.

Lock Hidden Photos in iOS 16

If you do not want the Hidden album appear in Photos app, you can turn off Show Hidden Album option to make it.

Now, when you go to the Photos app, you will see a lock icon next to Hidden album and Recently Deleted album. If you open the album, it will ask for Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode authentication.

Lock Hidden Album iOS 16

Bonus tip: an easy way to backup your iPhone photos

The new feature makes Hidden photos more private. No one will see the locked pictures except you. However, if the photos are lost for some reason, you will not be able to see these photos either.  In addition to backing up iPhone before iOS 16 update, you also need to do it regularly after updating. You never know when data loss will happen.

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Final words

You can lock Hidden photos in iOS 16/17. When you upgrade to iOS 16/17, the Hidden album is locked by default with your passcode or Face ID/Touch ID. In addition, you can make Hidden album not show up in the Photos app. Do you like the new locked albums? Feel free to leave a comment to share with us.

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