How to Fix iOS 16 Stuck on Resume Download Issue in 5 Ways

You need to download iOS 16 package using the profile, but sometimes iOS 16 stuck on Resume Download issue appeared. Quickly fix the issue with this guide.


By Dylan / Updated on January 11, 2024

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iOS 16 stuck on Resume Download.

I’ve downloaded iOS 16 profile but the installation is not successful. It is stuck after I tap “Download and Install”. There is the option, Resume Download, but it is greyed out. How can I fix this problem?

- Question from Apple Community

After the iOS 16 version introduced, you can unlock iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a mask. it adds Airtag, and other features. No matter what iOS version you are updating to, you folks might have problem downloading the installation package in iPhone Settings. The following section will tell you why your installation is stuck.

enlightenedP.S. Official iOS 16/17 has been released. You could use iTunes to update your iPhone now. Some users reported that they get the error message 4000 from iTunes. If you also have that problem, please refer to this guide fix iPhone update error 4000.

Why is iOS 16 stuck on Resume Download?

There are 4 reasons which could lead to iOS update stuck on download and install.

According to the tests, this problem is often caused by unstable network conditions. If the session is interrupted, it is hard to resume download.

There should be enough iPhone storage to download and install iOS 16 installation package.

iPhone system glitches and Apple server issues could also cause this update stuck. You would know what to do when you have the problems in the next section.

How to resume iOS 16 update in 5 ways?

No matter it is caused by internal or external issues, you would have the ways to troubleshoot and fix this problem.

Solution 1. Reset network conditions

To make your network conditions better, you could have 5 ways to do:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and then turn on: This seems a no-brainer, but it works most of the time and it is the simplest solutions.

  • Restart iPhone: Simply shut down your iPhone and then restart it to do a soft reset on iPhone. It would be helpful to refresh all the services on iPhone.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode and then turn off: If you don’t want to restart iPhone, Airplane Mode will help you restart the services about Internet.

  • Reset Network Settings: You need to remember the passwords of your Wi-Fi, because this step will let iPhone forget all Wi-Fi passwords. Go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  • Restart the Router: You can restart the router to make the Wi-Fi faster or you can change the password of Wi-Fi to make sure your Internet is not stolen.

Solution 2. Reset all Settings

While you using the apps on iPhone, the configurations might be changed and some of them might cause the problem. Resetting all the settings will perfectly solve the problem.

Go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset All Settings

Solution 3. Clear iPhone storage

If you find iOS 16 update resume download greyed out, you might need to clear iPhone storage to leave space for the installation package.

Go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage to clear the unneeded iPhone data.


You could have a way to safely remove iPhone data. Using FoneTool to export photos, videos, and other data to computer, so you can retrieve the iPhone data if you need them someday.

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In addition, updating the iPhone to iOS 16 beta might cause all kinds of problems. To protect iPhone data, you need to backup iPhone. Here we recommend an iPhone to PC transferring tool named FoneTool. It helps you to transfer iPhone data to computer, like your photos, videos, contacts, music, and so on. Then after updating your iOS, you can transfer data to your iPhone.

transfer to computer

Solution 4. Remove iOS beta/update

If there is already an iOS beta or update you have downloaded before, it would definitely cause your update stick this time. You could delete the old installation package or remove the failed iOS 15 package and try update iPhone later.

To remove iOS update: Go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > find your iPhone update and delete it.

To remove iOS profile: Go to iPhone Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management > iOS Beta Software Profile > Remove Profile.

Remove iOS 16 Beta Profile

Solution 5. Check Apple System Status

Errors could happen in the terminal. When the new iOS is released, too many users visit the server at the same time so that some users cannot get the response from the server. If you find everything on your iPhone is OK, but iOS 15 update is still stuck, you could try it on another day.

If the service needed to be maintained or upgraded, Apple will close the service for some time. You could go to Apple System Status to check it.

Apple System Status


Installing iOS 16 makes you enjoy the new features on iPhone, but if you have problems like update stuck on resume download, the installation won’t complete, so you need the solutions in this passage to solve it.

FoneTool will be very helpful for you. You could use it to export large files to computer to leave space for iOS 16 downloading and installation and protect iPhone data.

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