How to Upload MOV Files to iCloud from iPhone/PC

Do you know how to upload MOV files to iCloud? Luckily, this post will show you easy way to upload videos to iCloud from your iPhone or PC and offer you an alternative way to back up your videos quickly and safely.


By May / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Can I upload MOV files to iCloud?

I have a lot of MOV files on my iPhone and PC, and I want to back them up to iCloud. But how do I upload MOV files to iCloud? I’ve tried everything and still don’t know how to do it. Does anyone know how to upload my MOV files to iCloud? Thanks for your help!

- Question from an iPhone user

The MOV format is a popular video file format that is used as the default video format on Mac and iOS devices, ensuring that MOV video is easy to access and play on a wide range of Apple devices. So, how to upload MOV files to iCloud? Please keep reading!

How to Upload MOV Files to iCloud

How to Upload Videos to iCloud – 2 Easy Ways

Uploading videos to iCloud is a convenient way to store and access your videos across your Apple devices. Here are two easy ways to upload videos to iCloud.

Way 1. Upload Videos to iCloud from iPhone

Can you upload movies from my iPhone to iCloud? Sure. iCloud backs up videos from your iPhone. You can effortlessly upload videos from your iPhone to iCloud without an external device. Here’s how to upload files to iCloud:

Step 1: Access the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap Apple ID > iCloud > Locate and tap Photos > Enable iCloud Photos.

Enable iCloud Photos

Step 2: Activate the iCloud Photo Library option by toggling it on, which ensures that videos from your iPhone are harmoniously synchronized with your iCloud storage.

Turn on iCloud Photo Library

Way 2. Upload Videos to iCloud from PC

In addition, you can save videos from your PC to iCloud and transfer data like contacts, photos, and videos from iCloud to your PC to keep those files safe for later use on a new Apple device. Now let’s dive into the process of how to upload MOV files to iCloud:

Step 1: Access through your PC’s web browser and perform a successful login using your designated Apple ID.

iCloud Site

Step 2: Once you’ve gained access, locate the iCloud Drive option > Click the prominently displayed Upload icon positioned at the top section of the iCloud Drive interface.

Upload Videos to iCloud Drive

Then, you can peruse your computer’s contents and pinpoint the specific files you wish to safeguard through iCloud backup.

Way 3. Easiest Way to Upload Videos to iCloud from PC via FoneTool

FoneTool is a specialized solution that makes it easy to upload videos from your PC or iPhone to your iCloud. The process of uploading your photos to iCloud is quite simple and easy. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Download and install FoneTool on your PC > Sign in with your Apple ID and proceed by clicking Manage iCloud.

Click Manage iCloud

Step 2: Click the Videos icon and upload your videos by clicking the Upload button.

Upload Videos to iCloud

Bonus Tip: Transfer Your Videos to a PC or USB Drive

Although iCloud is the official way to store your iPhone videos, it only offers 5GB of free storage space to back up your iPhone data. When your iCloud storage is full, you need to delete the repeating pictures or clear unnecessary apps to free up iCloud storage space or upgrade to iCloud+.

However, if you are tired of freeing up iCloud space and don’t want to pay for iCloud+, you can use an iCloud alternative called FoneTool to back up or transfer your videos or other types of files such as photos contacts, and more to a PC or USB drive.

FoneTool is a safe and professional iPhone backup and transfer tool, and some benefits of FoneTool are listed below:

Comprehensive Album Display: Easily navigate through your video collection with FoneTool’s organized album view, simplifying the process of selecting and transferring specific videos.
No Compromise on Quality: Transfer videos to their original quality without any loss, guaranteeing that your videos maintain their high visual and audio standards.
Bulk Transfer Capability: FoneTool lets you transfer multiple videos simultaneously, saving you time and effort when moving a considerable amount of content.
USB Drive Compatibility: Besides transferring to a PC, FoneTool allows you to transfer your iPhone data (including videos, photos, contacts, etc.) to USB drives.

Now click the download button to install FoneTool on your PC and follow the simple steps below to transfer your videos to your PC.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1: Establish a secure connection by linking your iPhone to your PC using a compatible cable > Launch FoneTool on your PC.

Step 2: Within FoneTool, select the Phone Transfer option > Go to the iPhone to PC mode > Click Start Transfer.

iPhone to PC

Step 3: Click the + icon to select specific videos you intend to transfer > Click OK to solidify your selection.

Select Videos to Transfer

Step 4: Click Transfer Settings to specify a destination for your videos > Initiate the transfer process by selecting Start Transfer.

Start Transfer

Tips: If you have connected a USB drive to your PC, you can also transfer videos from iPhone or iPad to external hard drive.

The Bottom Line

After reading this post, you may know how to upload MOV files to iCloud from your iPhone or PC. However, many users have encountered the “iCloud backup failed due to not enough space on iCloud” issue when trying to upload their videos.

Notably, if your goal is to transfer videos or photos to a Windows computer, FoneTool will be the best choice. Not only does it boast excellent compatibility and transfer speeds, but it also incorporates a variety of features, including an innovative photo deduplication feature. This feature allows you to easily identify and eliminate duplicate photos on your iPhone.

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