How to Backup Deleted Text Messages on Your iPhone

If you happen to lose messages on your iPhone, you could retrieve deleted messages with many tools. Follow this passage to easily recover deleted messages.


By Dylan / Updated on May 29, 2023

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Unexpectedly delete text messages

Text messages contain greetings from your family and friends and some business information from your business partners. Sometimes you want to remind yourself of the old days or search for some business information, so that text messages on your iPhone could be important.

However, messages would not be so safe on your iPhone. Some improper operation by your kids would erase the messages on your iPhone or iPhone damages for falling onto the floor or into the water. When such a data disaster happens to you, you must be very upset for you don’t want to lose your memory or business information. Don’t worry. Your deleted messages could be rescued by this article.

If you unexpectedly deleted text messages, you should think about whether you have ever backed up your iPhone before losing them. If so, it is very possible for you to retrieve the deleted text messages. If you, unfortunately, haven’t done that, it’s fine, because you could recover the deleted text messages with a powerful application.

How to backup deleted text messages on iPhone

To create a text messages backup, firstly you will need to recover lost text messages. Here we introduce 2 methods of recovering deleted text messages and then provide a professional backup way to prevent loss again.

Step 1. Recover deleted messages

Solution 1. Recover messages from iCloud backup

Every iPhone user has 5GB of free storage for iCloud and it is very likely that you have been directed by iOS to turn on automatic backup. You could check whether you have backed up your deleted text messages with the following steps.

Step 1. Go to Settings> tap [your name] > iCloud.

Step 2. Check whether you have toggled on Messages. If it’s already toggled on, your deleted messages would be possibly stored in iCloud. Whether it’s already toggled on or not, you should enter Manage Storage to make sure there is information about Messages.

If you find the backup of deleted text messages on iCloud, you could reset your iPhone and then set up with iCloud backup. You should notice that this operation means to erase everything on your iPhone first. Remember to transfer the needed data before you do this.

You could reset your iPhone in this way: go to Settings > General > (Transfer or Reset iPhone in iOS 15 and later) Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

reset iPhone

Solution 2: Recover deleted text messages with Enigma Recovery

If you didn’t backup deleted text messages before, you could use a third-party software to recover them. Enigma Recovery is a professional and powerful tool for iPhone messages recovery. You could easily retrieve your deleted messages with the following steps.

Step 1. Download Enigma Recovery to PC. Connect your iPhone to computer and remember to tap Trust This Computer.

Step 2. Select Scan Messages. After scanning is finished, you could see the deleted messages on computer.

Step 3. Click Export & Restore to backup your deleted text messages to computer or restore them to iPhone.

Step 2. Backup recovered text messages on iPhone to prevent data loss

Do you feel complicated to backup text messages before? You might regret that you haven’t saved them earlier. Try an easy way with FoneTool to protect your precious messages. It’s a free professional iPhone messages backup software.

• Preview Messages: Whenever you back up or restore your messages, you could preview and select the messages to filter unnecessary ones, and you could view them any time with FoneTool.
• Easily Backup: To backup message on your iPhone, you just need 3 steps (Download FoneTool and connect your iPhone to computer > Preview and select messages > Click on Backup and your messages would be backed up in seconds.
• Flexible Selection: When you back up messages, you could select just some of them rather than the entire folder and also do this when restoring your phone. It allows you to restore files to another device including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
• Widely Compatible: It supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 14 and this application would be perfectly compatible with the iOS 16/15.

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool. Click "Phone Backup" and choose "Selective Backup" option.

Custom Backup

Step 2.  Check the Messages. You can click the messages icon to select specific items. 

Select Messages

Step 3. Choose a storage path to backup, and click "Start Backup".

Backup Messages



When you unexpectedly deleted your text messages, you don’t have to worry about that. You could iCloud to restore them. If you haven’t backed up them before, you could use Enigma Recovery to recover the deleted text messages. Of course, you’d better backup the deleted messages before losing them. Try FoneTool to easily backup messages on your iPhone as you want.

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