Fixed - Can't Answer Calls on Apple Watch

This guide will let you know more about Apple Watch and tell you how to answer calls on Apple Watch and how to fix issues when it can’t answer calls.


By Dylan / Updated on May 30, 2023

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What is Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a masterpiece of technology, which makes your life convenient like never before. You can access most of your things right from your wrist.

Apple Watch can be an amazing thing to have when it comes to catching phone calls, texts, and emails as they come in. With it, you can leave your phone in your bag or purse, or just charging across the room, while still keep up with notifications as you receive them, as well as know when you receive important calls and texts.

※Hint: Text messages on your Watch will be the same as they are on your iPhone, so in order to protect these important data on Apple Watch better, you can transfer contacts/messages from iPhone to Windows 10 /8.1/8/7 PC by FoneTool.

How to answer a call on Apple Watch?

A call comes in while you’re wearing your Apple Watch which is already paired to your iPhone. You can leave your phone in your bag or pocket and answer it on your wrist with a single tap.

Step 1. When you hear or feel the call notification, raise your wrist or tap your screen to see who’s calling.

※Note: Apple Watch will alert with a subtle vibration and an audible ringtone if you haven’t set the device to silent.

Step 2. Tap the green button to answer (tap the red button to decline it) on Apple Watch using the built-in microphone and speaker.

Apple Watch

※Note: The speaker of Apple Watch may let everyone around you heard unless you’re using a Bluetooth headset.

Step 3. Rotate the Digital Crown to adjust the volume of the call.

※Note: To answer on iPhone, scroll up using the Digital Crown and tap Answer on iPhone.

Step 4. Tap the red disconnect button when your call is over.

The problem of being not able to answer calls on Apple Watch

As mentioned before, Apple Watch is very useful on receiving or making a call, checking emails and messages, and viewing notifications, but now many Apple Watch owners are facing a big issue - Apple Watch unable to answer calls. This could be a huge issue, as answering calls is one of the primary features of Apple Watch.

“I am unable to answer phone on Apple watch. I receive notifications of calls and could see the decline or accept buttons but if I tap the green button it answers on my iPhone 6 instead of the Watch. I can make calls from the watch commonly. Everything else seems to be working normally, too. I just can't answer a call or talk through the watch.”

As a new technology, Apple Watch also has some glitches and bugs. Some of the users have reported one of the issues is not able to make or receive calls on their Apple Watch. Some possible solutions that may resolve this issue are listed. Just keep reading the details given below.

5 ways to fix the issue of Apple Watch not being able to answer calls

Can’t answer calls on your Apple Watch? There are 5 solutions you can try to fix the issue.

Way 1. Update your Apple Watch

Many bugs would be squashed after software updates, so always make sure to accept new software updates that Apple pushed to your devices.

Way 2. Disable Wi-Fi calling

This problem might happen because you have Wi-Fi calling enabled on your iPhone. When I have Wi-Fi calling enabled on my iPhone, my Apple Watch won't answer calls, while when Wi-Fi calling is turned off, it will answer calls.

Way 3. Restart iPhone

This problem stems from an issue with the connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Step 1. Turn off your Apple Watch – To do this simply hold the side button until the Power Off slider appears, and then turn off the device.

Step 2. Go back to your iPhone, clear all the apps in background – Double press the home button, clear the list of running apps by swiping each one up to close it.

Step 3. Now force restart your iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button along with the Home button, until your iPhone restarts.

Step 4. Then turn on your Apple Watch – Simply hold the side button.

Step 5. Wait until both devices are up and running (give the watch a little time to establish a connection).

※Hint: If you are using any other Apple devices, we would suggest turning off their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This should most probably resolve the issue. But if it does not, we have other solutions as well.

Way 4. Be gentle with your watch

Some users have found there isn’t a bug here at all, and the issue went away as soon as they started being more gentle with the device and making sure to avoid touching the screen hard.

Apparently, the screen is very sensitive when the watch is answering a call. So, when you are answering a call, or when trying to make a call, just simply tap it and not press it.

The issue might be resolved by this way. But if it’s still not solved, take the official route given below.

Way 5. Reset your Apple Watch

The standard Apple Support procedure for this bug is to perform a factory reset on the phone. This is one ultimate fix.

Here’s the guide on how to do it:

Step 1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap My Watch.

Step 2. Now tap on General.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap on Reset.

Step 4. Tap on “Erase all Content and Settings” and confirm.

This is a chance to erase bugs once you reset your Apple Watch. It’s a simple procedure, but also frustrating due to losing data and settings.

If even after all this hard work, the issue has still not been resolved, all we can ask for is to take it to Apple Service Center.


This article covered what Apple Watch is, how to answer calls on Apple Watch, and provided some common solutions when Apple Watch can't answer calls.

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