Where are Favorites stored in Edge? How to Recover If Lost/Deleted?

Where are Favorites stored in Edge? How to access bookmarks in Edge after deletion or loss? This post gathers some ways to help you recover Edge Favorites.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Where are Microsoft Edge Favorites stored in Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge, as the successor to Internet Explorer (IE), still wins 4.27% of the Browser market share worldwide in 2023, Feb, next to Chrome and Safari, according to the statistics analyzed by Statcounter.

Just like other browsers, Microsoft Edge also offers efficient and user-friendly features for its users, allowing them to save their liked pages to the Favorites folder, sync their user data and passwords, read mode, etc.

With the Favorites feature, which acts like the Bookmarks feature in Chrome, users can save and manage what they like and access these pages at any time.


But, just like other browsers, its users run into problems and issues. E.g., some users don’t know where to find Chrome bookmarks in File Explorer; and similarly, a bunch of users are confused about where are Favorites stored in Edge.


Where are my Favorites? They are not at %UserProfile%\AppData......\Default\Favorites.


I checked “Hidden items” and “File name extensions” and then went through the steps to arrive at …. Default, Favorites. The screen shows “This folder is empty.” The Favorites do appear when the star is clicked and also when I press Ctrl+shift+O. I have been using Favorites for years. In past versions of Windows, I rearranged the Favorites and changed titles, etc. with ease.

Thanks for your help.


- Question from Microsoft Community


Users may need to back up or transfer their bookmarks to another device but need help locating them, or maybe they just accidentally deleted them.

If you are facing a similar question, this post can be of some help to you.

Where are Favorites stored in Edge?

People who don’t know how to access bookmarks in Edge can refer to the methods below. Generally speaking, there are 4 situations we need to take into account.

  1. The Favorites might be intact in the original location;
  2. The Edge Favourites location might be modified;
  3. They were hidden due to human error or viruses;
  4. Your bookmarks were deleted.

The solutions to these circumstances are ready to help you.

Solution 1. Directly go to the Edge Favourites location

Luckily, without any inadvertent deletion or modification, you can find your Edge Favorites in the correct path.

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default

Step 1. Please replace the UserName here with your username. Go straight to this directory, and you can see the Bookmarks/Bookmarks.bak/Boookmarks.msbak files there.


Step 2. These files are not readable, if you want to replace the current bookmark with the backup file here, you could rename the Bookmarks file to Bookmarks.old, and then rename the bak file to Bookmarks.

In this way, you could also recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox from the backups.

Solution 2. Search for Edge Favorites in File Explorer

If you have tried exporting the bookmarks manually as a backup, you may also try to find those exported backups.

These exported files will be named favorites_date.html and will commonly be stored in the Documents folder by default; if there are no wanted files available, try checking the possible places you may put files in.

If you still need help locating where are Favorites stored in Edge, try searching them in File Explorer with its Search Tools.

This set of tools can also help you locate where are all your documents saved on your computer.

>> Start This PC > input Favorites in the box to launch a search. Click Search > Kind > Document to filter the scanning range for a faster speed.


If you want to find all your photos on your computer, choose Photos under Kind.

Solution 3. See if the Edge bookmarks are hidden

As said above, viruses will somehow hide/modify/delete your files at times. Trying to unhide them can be a good attempt.

Windows 7 users could follow the guide to show hidden files in Windows 7.

>> Go to the C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default path > click View > choose Options on the top-right corner of the panel > View > scroll down and tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives.


How to recover Edge Favorites that were deleted/lost?

The methods above show you the Edge Favourites location; users who haven’t deleted those bookmarks can follow the steps above to get their data back.

But if you still cannot find your Favorites in File Explorer, they might have been wiped from your PC.

With this, how to recover Edge Favorites after deletion? Plenty of users who have backups can directly restore from the backups.

Yet, without backups, is there any way to get favorites files back? Absolutely yes. Using a professional and efficient data recovery app for Windows will be a preferable choice.

MyRecover is your second-to-none option. It helps you easily recover deleted and lost data from healthy/formatted HDD/SSD/USB/SD cards.

Recover deleted data while maintaining all formats, filenames, and paths. 
Achieve data recovery with a high recovery rate and quickness. 
Support more than 200 different sorts of data, including html/png/jpg/mov/mp4/wav/pdf/doc/xlsx/ppt, etc. 
Windows 11/10/8/7 SP1/Server-compatible.

What’s more, you could recover unlimited data from unlimited devices by upgrading MyRecover to Professional/Technician Edition.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
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Step 1. Install and run the app > hover the mouse over the drive where the favorites were previously kept > click Scan.


Step 2. View/sort/search the wanted files using filters: filenames, Size, Type, Date modified, etc.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files > check the original location > choose the bookmarks you need > click Recover x files.


Easy tip:✎...
When choosing a drive to store the wanted files, remember to select a new drive other than the original disk to avoid overwriting.


Where are Favorites stored in Edge on your PC has been answered with details in this post. Users can turn to the Edge User Data folder to access them directly. If they were moved or lost, try searching and unhiding them.

To recover Edge favorites after deletion and permanent deletion, use MyRecover as your helper.

Check the FAQs below to get some more related info.

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