How to Perform Toshiba SD Card Recovery Successfully

Have you experienced data loss on your Toshiba SD card? Do not panic. This article will guide you on how to perform Toshiba SD card recovery successfully and easily.


By Zoey / Updated on June 29, 2023

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Despite the high reliability of Toshiba SD cards, they are still possible to both logical and physical damage, which can result in SD card data loss. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the possibilities of Toshiba SD card recovery and provide a step-by-step method to recover files from a Toshiba SD card.

Toshiba SD Card

Is Data Recovery Possible for Toshiba Memory Cards?

Indeed, in most cases, recovering data from Toshiba SD cards is easily achievable. However, the possibility of successful recovery depends on the circumstances that led to the data loss. Let's see some common scenarios causing data loss and their corresponding chances of recovery.

File Deletion

When a file is deleted, it is not immediately removed from the system permanently. Instead, the space it occupied will be marked as available for new data storage. Thus, you can recover deleted files until overwritten. To recover lost data from a Toshiba SD card, it is significant to stop using SD card promptly to prevent overwriting the old data.

Formatted SD Card

If you a quick format has been operated on your Toshiba SD card, data recovery software is still possible to recover your data. However, deep format reduces the chances of recovery rate. Fortunately, quick format is the default format type for Windows PCs and most digital cameras.

Memory Card Corruption

Various factors, such as data reading errors, power surges, software bugs, and physical damage, can corrupt Toshiba SD cards. If your Toshiba SD card is corrupted or has become RAW, data recovery may still be feasible unless the card has suffered from severe physical damage. The probability of recovering from RAW drive depends on whether your computer recognizes the card as a normal device, even if it cannot read the files or file system.

Physical Damage

The extent of physical damage directly impacts the possibility of data recovery from a damaged Toshiba SD card. Minor scratches, buffs, or bends may still allow for successful recovery, while serving damage like breakage or deep scratches may require a professional SD card recovery service.

Efficient Data Recovery Method for Toshiba SD Cards

Now that we have known about the common causes of SD card data loss and the potential for recovery, let’s get started to learn about the process of recovering files from an SD card. In most cases, using reliable Toshiba SD card recovery software like MyRecover can facilitate the successful retrieval of files from a Toshiba SD card.

MyRecover is a professional data recovery tool for SD card. Many mainstream SD card brands are supported. In addition to Toshiba, MyRecover can help you perform Kingston SD card recovery, Samsung SD card recovery, Sony SD card recovery, and more.

Main features of MyRecover

  • More than 200 types of files are supported to be recovered like documents, images, videos, emails, compressed files, and so on.
  • Support all Windows operating systems including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server  2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.
  • In addition to SD card, many types of storage devices like USB drives, external hard drive recovery are supported.
  • Easy graphical user interface and operation steps for every one.

You can follow the guideline here to operate a Toshiba SD card recovery task or recover Toshiba hard drive.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. Connect your Toshiba SD card to your computer and choose your SD card option on this page. Click on Start Scan to scan your SD card completely.

External Hard Drive Start Scan

2. All your deleted files and other missing files will show up here. You can preview your desired data without waiting for the scanning process to end.

External Hard Drive Scanning

3. Check the scanning result and choose a new safe location to save your recovered files. Click on the Recover X files button to begin the Toshiba SD card recovery right now.

External Hard Drive Recover Files

Deal with Damaged, Broken, or Non-functioning Toshiba SD Cards

We have discussed the recovery of deleted files from SD cards, but what if your Toshiba SD card is damaged or broken? Corrupted SD card recovery becomes quite challenging. SD cards are delicate and are easy to damage when mishandled. Factors like dropping, bending, exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture, and improper insertion can harm your Toshiba SD cards.

Even minor scratches or buffs on the card's connecting pins can make it damaged, avoiding normal data access. This is where data recovery services become invaluable.

Professional offline data recovery services employ specialized tools, equipment, software, and techniques to access, read, and extract data from damaged or broken SD cards. With top SD card recovery services, the chances of recovering lost data from your damaged Toshiba SD card increase significantly. However, the level of damage on the SD card plays a significant role in determining the success of recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Written in the End

As demonstrated, almost every Toshiba memory card data loss scenario possesses the potential for recovery. Whether it involves simple file deletion, card formatting, or logical corruption, the right software can make you able to attempt Toshiba SD data recovery independently. However, in the case of physical damage, it is prudent to engage the expertise of a reputable data recovery center.

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