Easily Perform SDXC Card Recovery | 5 Effective Ways

In this tutorial, you can get some useful tips for SDXC card recovery. With them, you can get your deleted or missing files back easily.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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SDXC cards have emerged as a reliable and advanced alternative to traditional SD cards, offering enhanced security and expanded capabilities. These versatile cards find their applications in a wide range of devices, from smartphones and drones to digital cameras. However, like any technological marvel, SDXC cards are not immune to data loss. Whether due to damage, corruption, accidental formatting, or natural wear and tear, your SDXC card may make you lose important data. So, how can you perform SDXC card recovery to recover deleted files?

About SDXC Cards and Standard SD Cards

Standard SD cards, known as Secure Digital memory cards, have become outdated with their limited storage capacity of 2GB. In contrast, SDXC cards offer a significant leap forward in terms of storage, speed, and efficiency. These Secure Digital Extended Capacity cards surpass their predecessors, SDHC cards, in both form and function. With the ability to hold up to a staggering 2TB of data and facilitate faster data transfers, SDXC cards have become the go-to choice for users. Moreover, they utilize the exFAT file system by default.

SDXC Card Recovery

Full Guidelines of SDXC Card Data Recovery

Like SD card recovery, there are also some useful methods for SDXC card recovery. However, before diving into the recovery process, perform the following checks:

✍ Ensure that the connecting devices are functioning correctly.

If you encounter an error message, try connecting the SDXC card to another computer or employing a different card reader to rule out compatibility or driver-related issues.

✍ Check if the SDXC card is write-protected.

It can hinder accessing, editing, copying, or saving any data. Simply slide the left-side switch upward to disable write protection.

Once these checks are complete, and you confirm that the SDXC card suffers from corruption or logical damage, follow the step-by-step methods outlined below to fix the card and recover your precious data.

Method 1. Recover Hidden Files from SDXC Card

In some cases, your important files did not disappear from the SDXC card but were hidden. To find hidden files, you can follow the easy steps here.

1. Open the search box on the taskbar and type "folder," then select "Show hidden files and folders."

2. Under Advanced settings, choose "Show hidden files, folders, and drives," and then click "OK."

Show Hidden Files Folders

Method 2. Assign a Drive Letter to SDXC Card

If your Windows operating system fails to recognize the SDXC card, assigning a drive letter can often resolve the issue.

1. Open the Disk Management page.

2. Right-click on the drive, then, choose the "Change Drive Letter and Paths” option.

Change Drive Letter and Path

3. Choose "Add" or "Change" based on the action you wish to perform for the SDXC card.

4. Specify a preferred drive letter and click "OK."

Assign the Following Drive Letter

Method 3. Recover SDXC Card with CMD

You may attempt to repair the SDXC card using built-in tools such as retrieving deleted files using CMD on Windows. However, exercise caution when performing repairs, as it is advisable to use recovery software beforehand to prevent potential data loss.

1. Open a Command Prompt on your Windows device.

2. Type "chkdsk [drive letter]: /f" and press Enter.

3. Follow the prompts by pressing "Y" until the command line reappears.

4. Manually input the following command: "[drive letter]: attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*" (G represents the drive letter of your SDXC card)

Attrib CMD

Method 4. Reinstall Device Drivers

This straightforward method can often resolve accessibility issues, especially if you are unable to access your data.

1. Right-click on "This PC" and select "Manage."

2. Click on "Device Manager."

3. Locate and double-click "Disk Drives" in the list.

4. Right-click on your SDXC card from the menu.

5. Choose "Uninstall" and confirm by clicking "OK."

Uninstall Device Driver

6. Disconnect your SDXC card before restarting the computer.

7. Once the computer restarts, reconnect the SDXC card.

Method 5. Use SDXC Card Data Recovery Software - MyRecover

If the methods above can not give you a satisfying solution for SDXC card data recovery, here comes a professional data recovery tool for you - MyRecover.

We highly recommend MyRecover because it can recover data from any storage device, including an SDXC card, SD card, HDD, SSD, external hard drive, and so on. MyRecover performs well in SD card deleted file recovery. Likewise, it can help you a lot in SDXC card data recovery.

Main features of MyRecover

  • Recover files from any situation, like recovering permanently deleted files, restoring from formatted drives, etc.
  • More than 200 types of data can be recovered with MyRecover: Office files, videos, images, audio, emails, compressed files, and more.
  • Work perfectly with all versions of Windows operating systems containing Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.
  • Scan and recover data at a high speed and success rate with comprehensive scanning methods: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Here is a simple guide to use such SDXC card data recovery software MyRecover for your deleted or lost data on SDXC card.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. First, connect your SDXC card to your computer properly and hover the mouse over your SDXC card option on this page. Then, click Scan to let MyRecover scan your memory card.

External Hard Drive Start Scan

2. The Quick Scan and Deep Scan processes will perform quickly. You can preview recovered files here, and you do not need to wait for the scanning process to finish.

External Hard Drive Scanning

3. Choose any file to recover, you just need to tick them and click on the Recover x files button. Please select a new location to save them.

External Hard Drive Recover Files

Written In the End

For a comprehensive solution to SDXC card recovery, consider professional data recovery software like MyRecover. With its speed, user-friendly interface, and proven track record, MyRecover has successfully recovered countless files that other tools failed to retrieve. Even those files you believed were lost permanently in the trash, can be recovered effortlessly with just a few clicks.

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