By Lora / Last update May 11, 2022


Due to accidental deletion during installation, I've lost all my data. Actually, I tried to recover it with testdisk but it didn't recognize the file system. It is ReFS. What should I do to recover the partition?


Something happened to my Windows 2012 Server when I met a recent power outage, the data partition formatted with ReFS disappeared!




No matter what file system your computer uses, losing some partitions is not a rare issue. Users are always likely to encounter problems such as virus attacks, accidental deletion, software and hardware failures, etc., resulting in the loss of partitions and data.

To fix these problems and prevent yourself from running into the same dilemma again, it is advisable and recommended to try some remedies introduced in this article. Here, to begin with, let’s take a closer look at the ReFS.

Overview of ReFS

We can get to know this type of file system from its features and characteristics. Moreover, some common causes of ReFS partition loss are presented in this part.

Compared with NTFS, ReFS has plenty of design edges, including automatic integrity checking, data scrubbing, and so on. It has the characteristics of safety, fault tolerance, stability, and backward compatibility.

ReFS, whose full name is Resilient File System, is a kind of file system introduced in 2012 with Windows Server 2012, designed to become the “next generation” of NTFS.

Partitions of different file systems play different roles in users' life. If you are using a flash USB drive, then you may need to recover FAT32 partition after accidental deletion or disk formatting. 

Causes of ReFS partition loss

Although the function of ReFS is very advanced, users still cannot avoid data loss that may occur at any time on the ReFS partition.

While using ReFS, partition loss can happen every now and then. Some of the possible causes are listed here as follows, take a look to see if you have encountered a similar one.

Unexpected deletion or formatting. Human error is an old issue, users may inadvertently delete their partition or format the partition thus causing a partition loss.

Virus and malware attack. While using a computer, users may accidentally visit some suspicious malware or website. Viruses attacking your device may cause partition loss to your drive.

ReFS corruption. If the file system of your hard drive is corrupted or damaged, you will not be able to get access to your partition.

Unexpected shutdown. When facing a power outage, an interruption of electric current may possibly do harm to your file system, if you were doing a writing operation.

Similar to NTFS partition recovery, users could utilize a professional data recovery tool to get all their precious data back.

Ways to recover ReFS partition

Partition and data loss can bother you a lot, but fortunately, you can still try to save your partition by utilizing the inbuilt tool Command Prompt in Windows.

If you need to recover data from ReFS partition, you could try the professional Windows data recovery utility - AOMEI Data Recovery for Windows.

Carry out ReFS partition recovery via Command Prompt

As an embedded useful tool in Windows, Command Prompt can facilitate users to manage their devices. Follow the steps prepared for you to recover ReFS partition.

Remember to use Disk Management to locate your lost partition first. Right-click on the “Start” and choose “Disk Management”, the lost partition will show as “Unallocated”. Remember its size.

Step 1. Start Administrator Command Prompt, then choose Run as administrator. Input diskpart.

Step 2. Input list disk to view all the disks on your PC. Then input select disk m to select the disk which contains the lost ReFS partition.

Step 3. Input list volume to view all the partitions in this disk. Then input select volume n to select the lost partition.

Step 4. Input assign letter x to name the partition.


 Here “m” refers to the number of the disk you choose, “n” refers to the number of the lost partition. “x” must be different from all the numbers of other volumes.

Then your lost partition will be back.


To retrieve your lost ReFS partition, a practicable method is elaborated in this post.

What’s more, except for recovering your partition, users are supposed to form a habit of making backups regularly.

By turning to AOMEI Backupper, you can use the “Disk Backup”, "Partition Backup", etc.,  features to make a backup of your important data.