How to Recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10 for Free

Here in this post, 3 ways are illustrated to recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10/11 for free. Keep reading if you encounter data loss.


By Ellie / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Can I recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10?



I hope you will forgive my ignorance if this is indeed the case. I thought I could access the Recycle Bin to recover mistakenly deleted files or folders. Is access to this still available? I just find nothing in my Recycle Bin since I realized I need my deleted files. I'm running Windows 10. So can I recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10 after I deleted files?

- Question from SevenForums

Recover Recycle Bin

In most cases, users regard the Recycle Bin as a solution for recovering files for the first time when data loss occurs. And it works the majority of the time. However, have you ever had the problem of finding nothing in the Recycle Bin when looking for deleted files?

What are the causes of this type of situation? Generally, this is due to the Recycle Bin being emptied on a regular basis or you deleting your files with the shortcut Shift + Delete, which permanently deletes the files.

How to recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10

Here in this part, there are 3 ways how to recover deleted Recycle Bin on Windows 10 for free. Keep reading and take it into practice.

Way 1. Recover Recycle Bin via Recycle Bin software

To recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10, here we strongly recommend a free & professional Recycle Bin recovery software, MyRecover. It allows you to recover the deleted files from emptied Recycle Bin with little effort, and you could enjoy many benefits from it. For example:

  • Simple operations. After downloading and installing the software, you are able to recover your deleted files with a few clicks. And the scanning speed is much faster.
  • Multiple compatibility. AOMEI Data Recovery not only supports Windows 11, but also Windows 8, 7, and Server, which saves you time when updating your Windows version.
  • Apply to various data loss situations. Regardless of recently deleted files or permanently deleted folders, AOMEI Data Recovery can help you get them back.
  • Support different files type. Whatever the kinds of your deleted files are, deleted PPTX files, Word documents, photos, and Excel files can be retrieved effortlessly.
Download FreewareWin 11/10/8/7
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Step 1. Download and launch MyRecover on your computer. Hover the mouse over the partition where the deleted files were stored before. And click Scan.

Select Partition to Scan

Step 2. The software runs the scanning process quickly and goes into deep scan automatically to find more deleted files and other missing files in this partition. During scanning, you could recover any files you need.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files > Recycle Bin > select the deleted items you want > click Recover x files to restore. And then you could recover your Recycle Bin on Windows 10, 11.


Note: If you didn't find the files you need from the Recycle Bin, then you could go to Other Missing files to check.

Way 2. Recover Recycle Bin that has emptied with File History

Of course, if you are not tending to recover Recycle Bin with software, a Windows built-in feature File History is able to give you comfort to recover the deleted files. But the prerequisite is that you have enabled the feature. Now follow me to know the operations.

Step 1. In the Windows search bar, input Control Panel, and open it.

Open Control Panel

Step 2. Click System and Security.

System and Security

Step 3. Select File History.

File History

Step 4. Click Restore personal files.

Restore Personal Files

Step 5. Select the files you need to recover and then click the Restore button.

Restore Deleted File

You can also follow the steps below to quickly restore the files once you have enabled File History or Restore Point.

Step 1. On the desktop, click on My Computer and then locate the folder that stores the deleted files before. Right-click and then choose Restore previous versions.

Restore Previous Version

Step 2. There will be a Properties window that pops up. And then you’ll find the accidentally deleted folder or files. Click on Restore and then the deleted files will be back.

Previous Version Restore

Way 3. Recover Recycle Bin that has emptied with Windows Backup

Another feasible tool for how to recover data from Recycle Bin on Windows 10 is Windows Backup. The only point that needs to mention is that it only backs up the files in C Drive. If your deleted files are in the D or E Drive before, then the last 2 ways may be more suitable for you. 

Step 1. Open Control Panel System and Security (Windows 7).

Windows Backup and Restore

Step 2. After the window pops up, click Restore my file.

Windows Backup Restore Files

Step 3. Please select Browse for folders and choose the permanent folder you want to retrieve.

Browse for Files or Folders

Step 4. After that, you can save your recovered files in your original location.


Here in this post, we list 3 ways to recover Recycle Bin on Windows 10/11, such as MyRecover, using File History or Windows Backup, thus you are able to get your deleted files back.

However, we cannot ignore the shortcomings of File History and Windows Backup. Generally, they only backs up the contents in C Drive and they are unable to back up external Drive, which makes the recovery more restricted. Under the circumstances, it is highly recommended to use AOMEI Backupper, with which you can not only back up local disk but also external disk, SD card and so on.

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